5 exercises from tibetan monks

we All dream about good health, good health and beautiful body. If for any reason we fail to preserve our health, we begin immediately to get treated, instead, to live in harmony with each other and prevent the onset of disease. Treatment in our understanding – is often a tablet which, as you know, is not always effectively treated. It is therefore necessary to seek a way out of the situation and do everything in order to always be in a good physical and moral condition.

To this method include the ancient Tibetan monks to exercise the Eye of the Renaissance. They represent a complex of five simple breathing and physical exercises that specifically affect our consciousness, energy and physical condition, and also release the mind and body, prolonging our youth and beauty. Five exercises of Tibetan monks is the most effective method of healing the whole body, aimed at healing and rejuvenation.

Thousands of years this technique was kept secret from the world until it was discovered Peter Calder, writing a book about the teachings and five exercises of Tibetan monks. Since then, they have learned around the world and began to widely practice the secrets of Tibetan lamas. Today we will discuss 5 exercises of Tibetan monks that will help you to open all the energy channels, improve the body and forget about health problems and bad health.

Exercises of Tibetan monks Eye revival

set of five exercises Tibetan monks quite simple to implement and will be useful for people of any age and gender. It must be done every day for about 20 minutes.

Exercise # 1. Stand up straight, extend arms horizontally. Start rotation around its axis until then, until you feel dizzy. Rotation must be done from left to right, i.e. clockwise. At the initial stage of this rotation, you can not repeat more than 5-6 times before I feel dizzy. If you want to sit or lie down, be sure to do it. Over time you will learn to perform more and more rotations, delaying the onset of dizziness. However, remember that more than 21 the rotation of the Lama to perform is not recommended.

Exercise # 2. Lie on your back, placing itself under a thick Mat, hands extend along the body, palms place on the floor, fingers close together. Raise your head, pressing his chin to his chest. Then begin to lift straight legs and lock them in an upright position. If possible, could you take the legs over the body closer to the head, but do not bend their knees. Slowly lower your head and legs straight on the floor, then relax. During exercise follow the rhythm of breathing: when lifting the head and legs deep inhale, and exhale when lowering.

Exercise No. 3. Vibrates and get on your knees, put your hands on your hips. Follow the tilt of the head and neck forward, pressing your chin to your chest. After this drop the head back as far as possible, deviating at the same time and arching the spine. When bending, try to lean on his elbows, not removing them from the hips. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise again.

Exercise # 4. Sit on the floor, outstretched and legs spread in front of him. Keep your backs straight, put your hands at your sides palms down. Chin press to breast, then fold the head back, as in the previous exercise. At the same time raise your body so that feet were bent in knees, and hands were straight. Thus, the torso with the thighs are in a straight line horizontally to the floor and your arms and legs perpendicular to the floor. In this position you need to stretch all muscles, and returning to the starting position and relax.

Exercise No. 5. Lean your hands on the floor, face down, the toes bend, the arms and legs should be straight. The back is a bit rotten, then tilt your head back. Arching your lower back, put your body in a L-shaped position, and tuck your chin to your chest. Then return to starting position. Tense the muscles when performing the exercises and don’t forget to breathe correctly: lifting, take a deep breath, dropping down – exhaling.

Guidelines for doing 5 exercises of Tibetan monks

the Ancient Lama called these rituals or ceremonies, because they allowed an incredibly positive effect on the psychophysical condition of the person, to heal his body and soul, to strengthen health, to restore youth and give you energy from the outside.

in order to feel the teachings of the ancient lamas need to start doing 5 exercises of Tibetan monks, by repeating them 3 times daily and gradually bringing the number of repetitions up to 21 times. Over time you will learn to perform the full range in 10 minutes, but it is necessary to train well. These exercises of Tibetan monks will allow you to feel young, regardless of age. The main condition when you exercise is to imagine yourself strong, healthy, energetic young man.

During the execution of a complex of exercises of Tibetan monks be sure to follow the breath. After exercise try to lie down and thoroughly relax, to recuperate. Do not forget about the regularity of Tibetan gymnastics, so for best effect try not to miss not one workout, performing it in the manner described above.

these exercises are best done on an empty stomach in the morning, immediately after waking up, but it does not matter. You can also do the exercises several times a day, so that the sum of all approaches was equal to 21 once. The load vary according to your personal wellbeing, not overstrained. Perform all five exercises as they are equally important, but if you can regularly perform at least four of them, you will also be able to achieve excellent results.

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