Banana diet

The developer of the banana diet is an Englishwoman and Olympic nutritionist Jane Griffin. This diet is one of the softest to the body and delicious diet, under which for 3-4 days can lose 3 kg of excess weight in a week – 5-6 kg.

Who needs the banana diet?

Banana diet for weight loss for those, who has any problems with the stomach or intestines, as well as a tendency to edema. It is indicated for the following diseases:

  • Obesity;
  • A stomach ulcer;
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar);
  • Gastritis;
  • Kidney and liver;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Diseases of the biliary tract.

Banana – is the only fruit that can be eaten raw and not worry about the aggravation of a stomach ulcer or chronic gastritis. Canadian scientists have brought that bananas help mucus secretions in the stomach and gastric epithelial renewal walls that protect it from damage.

Who should not use the banana diet?

Absolutely prohibited banana diet for weight loss in a cat has diabetes, since bananas contain a lot of sucrose, which is contraindicated for diabetics.

Also, the banana diet is contraindicated people with varicose veins (thrombophlebitis), flatulence (gas formation), and dyspepsia (indigestion).

Preparing for the banana diet

Before the start of compliance with this diet, you must make one preparatory fasting day, which should be excluded fried, fatty, smoked and salty foods. During the day you should drink non-carbonated mineral water and green tea. Thus, there remains no bad drinks and food, the body is configured to cleanse and restore the balance of weight.

What bananas are suitable for banana diet?

By choosing bananas should be treated carefully. It prohibited acquire unripe bananas, since they contain insoluble starch, which is not digested in the gut and cause flatulence.

Before the use of bananas peeled and cleaned all the white strings – should remain only the flesh. You also can not replace fresh fruits dried. Dried bananas contain five times more calories than fresh.

For the banana diet for weight loss fit thin-skinned, yellow bananas of medium length.

Options of the banana diet

There are several variants of banana diet: only banana or mixed milk-banana diet. Also, it can be gentle or strong.

Banana diet (sparing)

The duration of this diet – from 3 to 7 days, depending on how many kilograms you want to throw. One day, as a rule, you can throw one kilogram.

For one day (six doses) should eat half a kilogram of bananas, peeled. You can drink tea without sugar or water in unlimited quantities. Last food intake should be no later than three hours before bedtime.

Thus, on the day you eat 1300 calories. This dose considered sufficient for the human body, in which can save extra weight without any discomfort. For 3 days you will lose 3 to 3.5 extra kilos.

If you decide to adhere to this diet over three days, four days, and following the diet can include one or two cooked eggs or nonfat cheese (100g) as bananas alone can not provide a sufficient amount of body protein.

Banana Diet (strict)

The duration of the diet is not more than three days. During this period, you can lose 4 to 5 kg of excess weight.

For one day, at any time, you can eat four bananas. Besides bananas permitted only regular or non-carbonated mineral water.

Milky banana diet (sparing)

Duration gentle milky banana diet – up to ten days. In one day you can lose about 700 grams of extra weight.

In one day allowed to eat four bananas and drinking a liter of milk (skim). If you have an allergy or intolerance, milk can be replaced by drinking yogurt (500 g) or yogurt.

For a week of such a diet can lose 4-4.5 kg of excess weight.

Milky banana diet (strict)

This diet can be followed for at least three days, maximum – five days.

For one day allowed to eat three medium banana and drink three glasses of low-fat milk. Milk can also be replaced with yogurt or yogurt. The day should be at least three to four meals. Unsweetened green tea or water are allowed in unlimited quantities. Last food intake should be no later than 18 pm.

Eat bananas and milk can both separately and together. You can make a cocktail from one glass of milk and a banana with a blender or mixer. Cocktails can also freeze and use in the form of ice cream.

How to end the banana diet for weight loss?

The main rule – never at the end of the diet did not eat everything and a lot. Products should be introduced gradually.

To fix the result, after the diet for 2-3 weeks for dinner advisable to eat only one banana (three hours before sleep). It is also desirable to limit the consumption of sugary and starchy foods.

Reviews banana diet

Reviews of the banana diet is said to be very gentle. To discarded weight does not come back, you must adhere to all rules, especially, is not later than three hours before bedtime, and right out of the diet.

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