It seems to be hard to call bananas dietary product, given how many calories are in a banana. But in fact, they are widely used in a variety of diets.

product calorie proteins fats carbohydrates
banana 89 kcal 1,5 g 0,1 g 21,8 g
banana chips 519 kcal 2,3 g 33,6 g 50,7 g

The use of banana

What is the highest good of bananas? The first is that they contain a large amount of vitamins. The most important – Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant effect, that is struggling with premature aging and maintain our youth. It also helps our body fight infections, it is important not only in winter, but also at any other time of the year.

The B vitamins are also included in the bananas are very important to women. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, promote the healthy and deep sleep, strong hair and clear skin.

contained in bananas carotene also promotes prolongation of youth of the body at the same time protecting it from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Also, bananas contain vitamin E, prolonging the life of our cells and give our skin elasticity and smoothness, vitamins K, PP, choline, trace elements – zinc, selenium, iron, manganese, fluorine, macro – potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

Thanks to its fibrous structure, bananas are useful for those who have stomach problems, such as chronic gastritis. Very often encouraged to eat bananas, the elderly and children, as well as athletes before and after workouts.

How to choose bananas?

The first way is to choose a tasty and healthy banana – guided by the color of skin: good bananas are evenly colored in golden yellow color of the rind, which is almost no dark spots. It is in these bananas highest concentration of nutrients – it is desirable to eat once, but not stored. The second way – ribbing banana peel. If it is too ribbed, then banana removed too early, not giving him become ripe.

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