Best exercise for weight loss

Everyone wants to choose the best, and exercises for correction is also a concern. They should be simple in execution, and definitely harmless, and at the same time very effective. Preferably, and acted in class. Shook the evening press, and woke up in the morning and the tummy is gone. Alas, this dream is utopian.

But to select the best exercises that will help in the shortest possible time to bring the body into order, and available even for beginners and does not require special physical training, without any extra effort. For convenience they are divided into two blocks – upper and lower body.

Best exercise for weight loss legs, buttocks and stomach

In working with the lower part of the body the best exercises, no doubt, recognized different kinds of squats and lunges. But the influence of the press on the palm keep twisting and leg lifts. Versions of these elements innumerable, enumerate all impossible. Because it should focus on the most effective and accessible to beginners. Each of them should be repeated twenty to thirty times without stopping, keeping pace is moderate or slow. Between sets to rest for half a minute.

the best exercises from squats, anyway, are plies in both variations: demi-plie and the Grand plie. Different from each other, they only a lowering of the pelvis, and therefore technique you can learn in common. In addition to working with the hips and buttocks, they strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.

To implement them it is necessary to take a vertical position, feet spread at shoulder width, feet to turn out from the hip. That is, the inner part of the thighs is also disclosed, which means that the knees look to the side. The pelvis and buttocks under you, spine straight, lower back not to cave in. Shoulders pressed down, whereas the crown is committed to the ceiling. Hands recommended to place ourselves in the position that they embrace a large tree: round, soft elbows, palms inward, hands on the navel.

eight of the accounts slowly to Crouch at the point is to stay on for eight accounts, and with the same speed back to its original position. The knee is not fully straightened, while remaining soft. During the squat you work your buttocks and thighs, stomach, back and shoulder tense. The first should be thirty times to make a shallow squat (demi-plié), then the same to the thighs parallel with the floor (Grand plie).

for Those who wants to adjust the area of the calf, you can perform a plié on releve. That is, the same squats, but lifting the toes. For beginners it can be difficult to keep the balance, and therefore recommended to stand hand to support and adhere to her hands. The key word to stick to, and not to bear weight on the prop.

Attacks are not only some of the best exercises for weight loss the back of the thigh, but also a good helper in the stretch of the inguinal ligaments. For their implementation need to stand up straight, upper body to keep as plie, but take away the hands behind your head, spreading your elbows to the sides or put on the waist. Feet shoulder width of the pelvis, feet parallel to each other. On the exhalation make a step forward, dropping the pelvis down and hold the weight between your legs. Back straight, standing on the toes, the knee does not touch the floor. The angle in the knee of the front foot should be at ninety degrees. Springing movements to eight accounts swing up and down with small amplitude, on the inhale return to the starting position. Repeat the same for the other foot. For each – thirty times.

The best exercises for slimming the thighs and getting rid of the “ears” on the outer surface of the Mahi. Beginners can make them, hands resting on the wall. Those who are able to keep a balance of its own, working without a safety net. From the same original vertical position, but with serried footsteps to slowly retract straight leg in an arc sideways and up. In the extreme point to hold for four beats and gently lower back. On each leg or thirty strokes. Then repeat the same, but without delay and in an active pace. If you make a forward swing, it is possible to tighten the abdominal muscles and hamstring.

And the best exercise for slimming and strengthening stomach muscles, no doubt, “bike”. Combining it with curl, you can enhance the effect. Moreover, depending on where to reach, will involve different muscle groups. When you try to aim with your elbow to the opposite knee – oblique, and to the same upper part of the straight. “Bicycle” is recommended to perform three to five times for the minute.

Complex the best exercises for back, chest muscles and hands

as for the load on arms, shoulders and chest, the best exercises in the complexes of any of fullness can be considered a push-up. They, like squats, there are many varieties. Beginners are encouraged to try their hand at push UPS from the wall. Undoubtedly, here the load is not as high as from the classic plank pose, but not strong muscles will not allow even five times to perform the standard variant is technically correct.

During push-UPS from the wall should not tear off the heels from the floor, and the back still should not bend at the waist. Moreover, the shoulders do not crawl into ears and the pelvis is not bulging up. From head to toe is aged perfectly smooth line. Hands you can put as wide and at shoulder level. The elbows are pressed to the body. And since push-UPS from the wall easier other options, the number of repetitions without rest will be thirty and above. When the hands get stronger, you should switch to pushups on your knees, and then to the classic push-up from plank pose.

One of the best exercises from the hand can be called a reverse push-up, which will require a low couch or bench. Sit with my back to him in the buttocks, legs bent at the knees, slightly apart, and rests the feet on the floor. The hand grips behind the edge of the bench, with elbows in flexion. Slowly raise the body up through the efforts of the hands, straightening the elbows. At the highest point to linger on ten accounts, and then fall back. Thirty times.

But, of course, the best exercises do not so much public recommendations, how many of them systematic and faithful implementation. If you regularly engage in even the simplest physical exertion, they will give a significant result. In the same negligent attitude, even an incredibly effective elements will be meaningless.

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