Bodyflex exercises for weight loss

Once upon a time an American citizen Greer Childers, a long time suffering from overweight, were able in three months to lose as much as five clothing sizes, going from 52 to 42. However, she did not sit on hard diets and did not torture herself with physical exercise. Of course, such an example could not fail to interest other women. So America, followed by Europe, spoke about the body Flex. The exercises in this method are based on proper breathing, which is different from our usual choices.

But in Russia, the popularity of all the same technique got a little in different form. Russian version of the 16 exercises bodyflex with Greer Childers the role of the instructor became better known in the countries of the former Soviet Union, rather than the American source. Are there any differences between them? And there is justified hype around the bodyflex exercise for weight loss? Described below.

Similarities and differences in Russian and American methods bodyflex

the Basis of any equipment exercises bodyflex – Russian and American – is diaphragmatic breathing, which involves deep abdominal muscles. That’s why most of the body Flex exercises for belly. And that results in the waist more noticeable. In addition, the stimulation of the internal organs. In particular, organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Which leads to faster metabolism. In addition, due to the active enrichment of oxygen, coupled with isometric and stretching items, there is the burning of body fat. And, of course, it is impossible to ignore the fact that thanks to systematic exercises bodyflex, strengthens the cardiovascular and the nervous system, increases resistance of immunity. This technique can rightly be considered one of the most useful and safe for humans.

All of the above is true both for eighteen minutes technique Greer Childers, and for the Russian version of the 16 exercises bodyflex with Greer Childers. But the latter still has a number of nuances that really help to differentiate these variations.

After a breath, during which executed exercises bodyflex, Childers prohibits noisy breath. This is because the active use of these methods has a chance to increase the risk of tachycardia. For individuals with impaired cardiac function it is a serious statement.

training Schedule Childers also offers to be more reasonable by breaking it in blocks. That is, given the fact that bodyflex exercises should be carried out daily for a quarter of an hour, and the same thoughts to load each day is undesirable for the amendment to the system to alternate load. That is, on odd days to work with back pressure on the even with the hips, buttocks and legs.

But it should be noted that the bodyflex is not able to replace, for example, weight training. It strengthens and gives tone to the muscles but does not develop them. Therefore, if for weight loss exercises bodyflex with Greer Childers and fit, it to increase muscle mass is unlikely.

Breathing exercises bodyflex slimming

best of all diaphragmatic breathing practice, performing basic bodyflex exercise for belly. To stand upright, soften the knees, body slightly forward and rest your hands just above the knees. Now you need to make a full exhale, releasing all of the air through the folded tube lips. Then fill your lungs with air through a quick, but strong breath, and slowly with diaphragmatic whistling sound “Bang!” to get rid of the air inside. After that, compressed lips, preventing a new breath.

Main phase begins here, when the air inside and no need to hold your breath. Pull the stomach under the ribs, simultaneously tilting his head, aiming the chin towards the collarbone. It is in this state will be executed all the exercises bodyflex, but because, somehow, they will train your abdominal muscles, even if initially directed to the back or legs. The tension of the abdominal wall would hold for eight beats.

In the final, the muscle relaxes and is “sobbing” breath filling the air in the lungs. Then it all starts again.

Only after breathing for this technique is mastered, you can proceed to the basic exercises bodyflex below. At first glance they are simple, but in fact, in conjunction with inhales and exhales are forced to work hard. In addition, this breathing technique you can use when carrying out any other elements, thus increasing their efficiency.

Exercises bodyflex from Greer Childers

All exercises can be found on disks with video tutorials or on the official website of the author, and for beginners will now be given the most basic elements that can be performed at the first stage of home exercises.

  • you Must sit down on your buttocks and raise your legs as far as to the sides, placing hands behind back with palms to the floor. Socks to pull over and in different directions. Having made three first steps of the breath, plunging into the belly on the fourth, to bend down, moving his hands forward and touching them on the floor, as if trying these steps to draw a body. The legs and pelvis off the floor, definitely not come off. Stretch so for eight accounts, feeling the tension in the hips. Relax and return to its original position. To perform this exercise, bodyflex three times.
  • of the Classic “scissors”, well rid of fat on the abdomen, are also included in the set of exercises bodyflex for belly. Their technique is a little different from the usual. Lie on your back, place arms along the body, legs pulling forward. Now in the fourth stage, holding the breath, raise legs above the floor and eight accounts to make swing with crosses. Relax and take a breath. Repeat this process three times.
  • Also good would be the usual “kitty” on all fours, relying on the hands and elbows. Rounding the back when holding the breath, stopping so by eight strokes. Relax and inhale caving in. To perform three times.
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