Boiled egg

In the world considered edible chicken, goose, duck, ostrich, turtle, turkey, quail and other eggs. The most common use of chicken, goose and duck eggs from which the most common – chicken. Boiled eggs not less useful than raw. How many calories in a boiled egg?

product calorie proteins fat carbohydrates
boiled egg 160 kcal 12,9 g 11,6 g 0,8 g

Use boiled eggs

First of all, the egg – a natural source of nutrients and protein, making it a very important product for the power of each individual. According to the latest research cardiologists contained in the composition of egg cholesterol is not harmful to humans.

Vitamin E, which in large quantities found in eggs, strengthens the cardiovascular system and has anti-tumor effect. Vitamin D together with the phosphorus strengthens teeth and bone tissue. The egg yolk contains a considerable amount of unique material – the strongest antioxidant lutein. Eggs have useful for those who have vision problems, especially cataracts. Besides the fact that calorie cooked hard-boiled eggs is quite low, they are also able to promote the excretion of cholesterol and fats from the body due to the high content of lecithin and choline.

The energy value and caloric boiled eggs boiled useful for athletes. But amino acids contained in the eggs in optimal amounts help our body function optimally.

Given the caloric 1 boiled egg, a week is recommended to eat no more than four eggs.

How to determine the freshness and to store eggs?

The lighter the egg, the longer it is stored. The easiest and most reliable way to test the freshness of eggs – drop them into the water. If the egg sinks, it means that it is fresh (three to four days) if the floats, but deep enough – he was seven to nine days, and if kept on the surface – it is stored for more than two weeks.

You can also check the freshness of the eggs, bringing it to his ear. If you hear any movement inside the egg – is flawed, as the yolk of fresh eggs have not budge.

The surface of the egg is covered with natural protective film, due to which they have for a long time (three weeks or more) can be stored well. Therefore, if you are going for a long time to store the eggs, wash them just before use, so as not to wash off the protective film important.

Cooked boiled eggs can be stored no longer than one week. Salads containing eggs are stored no more than two or three days, and stuffed eggs – no more than three days.

It is worth remembering that in hot weather boiled eggs perishable, so if you want to take boiled eggs with the nature in the summer, it is best to keep them in a container placed in a bag, a thermos with ice.

While many calories in a boiled egg, it can be safely used in most diets. There is also an efficient egg diet.

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