Breathing exercises for weight loss

One by one, new, recently completely unknown correction techniques are gaining the love around the world. The desire to lose weight effortlessly, without a residence permit in the gym without a strict diet is present in every second of the fair sex. And emerging technology gaining coveted harmony in order to attract maximum consumers must meet these items. Bodyflex – breathing exercises for weight loss developed by American Greer Chaydelrs – it seems, managed to do the impossible. But is it? What is meant by all these breathing exercises for weight loss, and what their principle of operation? And most importantly, whether they can do at home without the supervision of an instructor?

The essence of Bodyflex and related breathing techniques for weight loss

As mentioned earlier, some developed Bodyflex Greer Childers, who managed in a short time without strict diets and exhausting exercise significantly reduce their volume. According to her, many deviations of the body, including excess weight – an indicator of a lack of oxygen in the tissues. Therefore, to solve the problem, nothing at all: to restore the balance. It should be noted that breathing exercises as such in the end really was a good fighter for health. But how do things to excess weight? It is active oxygen enrichment can move the arrow to the left of weights?

Various sources claim that breathing exercises for weight loss abdomen, hips and legs can reduce a good ten to fifteen centimeters already during the first couple of weeks. It is tempting, I must admit. But before that a real effect – there are no clear figures. Someone really waistline may correct much, someone not so much. But the fact remains that the overall improvement of the body and the penetration of oxygen into all the cells have a positive impact on the shape and appearance. About health, you can not even mention.

In contrast to the type of aerobic exercise fitness, breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex does not provide such a pronounced feeling of fatigue. And in addition, require a much smaller time frame for the classes. It is enough to pay about twenty minutes a day “training” to see the effect. But they must be regular and restful. Otherwise, the result will have to wait a very long time.

The algorithm of breathing technique Bodyflex

Before exploring a variety of breathing exercises for weight loss, it is necessary to deal with the database. Proper breathing – the basis of everything, and until it is mastered, it is impossible to move on.

The first exhale through the mouth. At this point, all air must be absolutely slowly leave the lungs through elongated lips. Then you need to close them.

The second step is to inhale through the nose. Enough sharp and short, but designed to completely fill the empty lungs with oxygen. Ideally, the breath must be accompanied by a noisy sound.

In the third stage the chin slightly raised, his lips tightened in the thread. With a little “groin!” Need to breathe air through his lips parted, pulling him out of the diaphragm. This is a transitional moment in the breathing exercises for slimming stomach.

Now, the lips are closed again, and the breath is delayed. At the same time the stomach as hard as possible adheres to the spine. You can submit a punctured balloon, from which came the air, and now it shrinks, becoming almost flat. This stage – the key. It will be played and all the elements Bodyflex.

The final point becomes relaxation, followed by inhaling through the nose.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

The main element breathing exercise for weight loss – a breath posture basketball. He just focuses on the most problematic area of the body – the stomach, and is a kind of a basis from which to start it. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart to place a little to soften the knees. The body leaning forward slightly bent, hands to lean just above the knees, keep the chin parallel to the floor. In such a position to practice above algorithm breathing. And only when it will turn out, you can move on to more complicated options.

For example, lie on your back, bend your knees and stretch divorced feet on the floor. Hands pull his fingertips to the ceiling, not to bend the elbows. After retraction of the abdomen – the fourth stage – the shoulder blades off the floor and his head thrown back, arms up trying. Slowly, vertebra by vertebra, lie back and rise again. Freeze eight accounts and return to its original position. Repeat three times.

Now you can use breathing techniques to the classic “scissors” to enhance the fat burning effect on the stomach. Lying on his back, put his hands under the buttocks, stretch your legs. In the fourth stage, plunging belly, swept the legs from the floor at the thirty centimeters, they begin to breed and interbreed with large amplitude. To work for a minute.

Features and contraindications to the system Bodyflex

In spite of the exceptional value of this technology, there are some things that we can not ignore. First of all, it’s a group of people who do not use the above exercise. People who have recently undergone surgery, and pregnant women. In addition, it is not recommended to engage the procedure Bodyflex during exacerbation of chronic diseases.

As for the process, that at first may feel dizziness, headache, cough, shortness of breath. The first two are due to the natural hypoxia in contrast with which the active oxygen saturation causes the body to “shock” state, causing these symptoms. Should not be afraid, it will pass with time. But the first lesson should not take the maximum rate. Shortness of breath – an indicator of the low fitness of the body, which also leveled over time.

It is best to work on an empty stomach or after a couple of hours after eating. Tighten the ribs stomach, which is stuffed with food to satiety, is extremely problematic. In addition, she’s digestive system does not appreciate such a “gift” if to throw it immediately after a hearty meal.

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