Breathing exercises

the Issue of weight loss interested in every other woman. And one in four is looking for the easy way to do it, putting the least possible effort. Perhaps these considerations were once invented various breathing techniques that burn body fat. Twenty years ago, breathing exercises were associated only with health-improving complex. And today at the mention of the phrase remember the Flex, occisis and similar techniques.

Effects of breathing exercises on the body

in the days of the Soviet Union was known for breathing exercises Strelnikova, is designed to return to the work of the vocal cords, as well as affecting the lungs and the vascular system. They were widely used by singers during the recovery period, and certainly was not supposed to be help in weight loss. However, today breathing exercises by Strelnikova complement many fitness complexes. But whether they actually impact on fat mass? Or is it an attempt to wishful thinking?

Yes And no. The fact is that due to the specifics of your performance, breathing exercises, actively saturate the body with oxygen. The same thing happens during aerobic exercise, only in the case of the latter increases the heart rate and improves blood circulation. The intake of tissues of oxygen and activates the process of burning internal fat, and therefore, breathing exercises are able to really make a contribution to weight loss.

But given the fact that the load on the muscles during the execution of breathing exercises on Strelnikova or other schools minimum, the elimination of extra inches is not as fast as we would like. Specifically breathing exercises by Strelnikova better to combine with the cyclic activity like Jogging or jumping, to enhance the effect of the latter. In solo performance, they almost never bring good.

Another thing – breathing exercises for belly. It is basically a technique bodyflex based on diaphragmatic breathing. It is, of course, will not replace cardio, but from the point of view of the inclusion of muscle work, press it is quite effective. During the execution of breathing exercises for belly involved deep abdominal muscles. Together with increased enrichment of tissues with oxygen, this technique really helps burn of the fat in the problem area. With other parts of the body usually the effect is not so noticeable.

Essence of breathing exercises for belly

Designed by American Greer Childers, and then, the converted Marina Korpan breathing exercises have become quite popular among women. The complex, of course, there are items load not only the abdominal muscles. But due to the diaphragmatic breathing one way or another, they mostly work the abs, burning body fat in the waist area and below.

breathing Technique is as follows:

  • exhale through pursed into a tube of the lip goes all the air out of the lungs. Because of this, the exhalation turns out long.
  • the sudden and noisy breath through the nose the body is filled “to the brim” of a new portion of oxygen.
  • Now including the abdominal muscles, you want to exhale through the mouth with a whistle. The air has to go completely. Lips close and hold my breath.
  • Not breathing, tilt the head and to glue the belly to the spine, trying to shove him in the ribs. To hold out eight hits.
  • Reporting but relaxing the abdominal muscles and make breath in through your nose for eight accounts, fully occupying the lungs.

And only after all five steps will be developed and will be static, you can move on to the execution of the breathing exercise is a technique where breaths are associated with physical activity.

Breathing exercises from specialists

the following breathing exercises to be done daily, for twenty minutes on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal. After reflection in the mirror closer to the ideal, it is desirable to continue his studies, but with a frequency two to three times a week. If the process appeared dizziness, weakness, headache or any other discomfort, you should stop. This is a normal reaction to the active enrichment of oxygen. Over time, the symptoms will come down, and classes will be a full twenty minutes.

One of the most simple exercises from Marina Korpan familiar to many, but received a second life, combined with the technique of breaths, it is “scissors”. It is working on deep abdominal muscles and strengthens the thighs. Lie on the floor, hands pull along the trunk. In the fourth phase during breath hold to get your feet off the floor, raise them to thirty centimeters and actively make a series of dilutions and crossings according to the mechanism type of scissors. After eight bills lower legs back.

the Following breathing exercise is performed standing on all fours. Feet slightly apart, hands rely on the hands, elbows do not bend. One foot swung to the side and straighten the knee. In the fourth stage, holding my breath, for eight bills to raise the working leg and lower back. Repeat the same for the other foot.

  • Lie on your back, raise legs vertically, hands clasp knees. After the second exhale, hold your breath, pull the foot, lifting your pelvis off the floor. After eight accounts to relax and return to starting position.
  • Stand up straight, knees soften, the body tilted forward, to lean just above the knees. Keep the chin parallel to the floor. In the fourth stage pulled sideways, stooping and bending below knee support. The opposite arm raised above her head and stretches in the same direction, where it is finished the slope. The free leg is straightened and put on a sock. Stretch sideways for eight beats. Go back and do the same on the other side.
  • Last breathing exercise from Marina Korpan it is desirable to put at the very end of the complex, since it stretches the muscles and ligaments. Sit on the buttocks, legs maximally dilute in the sides. On the second exhale, pulling in the belly and holding your breath as much as possible to bend forward and stretch my hands, trying breast down on the floor. After eight strokes back.


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