How many calories in brown bread?

brown bread calories

Bread – is the main dish on the table without this product can not do, because it has beneficial vitamins and mineral composition, as well as high calorie.

Brown bread calories

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Brown bread calories 165-250 kcal 6,6 g 1,2 g 34,2 g

The use of bread

The caloric content of brown bread is considerably lower than the calories in white bread. What is the meaning and value of bread? Yes, in fact, that there are all useful elements of the body as part of the product. If we abandon the bread would have to find another valuable source of nutrients.

Brown bread has many trace elements, vitamins, and mineral acids for digestion. Especially beneficial for the body wholemeal bread and bread with bran and fiber. There are varieties of brown bread, which is no small calorie. This may be due to the use of wheat flour in the production process of the product. Therefore, before buying should be familiar with its chemical composition.

Calories in 1 slice of brown bread

Since bread is, in any case, high-calorie foods, you just need to take into account the calorie bread. It is not necessary to weigh each slice of brown bread, enough to make simple mathematical calculations. The average slice of rye bread weighs 30-40 grams, so you can just figure calorie content, which is usually indicated with respect to 100 grams of product, divided by two.

Brown bread and diet

There are a number of diets that involve the use of brown breads. In such calorie diet of black bread are the main source of the body to sustain life. However, there are people who do not like brown bread. For them it does not matter how many calories are in brown bread. However, adhering to a diet, they must have this product, as it appears in the daily diet. In fact, their sufferings will be in vain.

The logic of nutritionists regarding black and white breads is quite clear. White bread has a higher calorific value than black. Eat should be the one that less calories. There is one caveat. Experts forget that black bread contains vitamin B, slows down the process of fat digestion. The more of this vitamin is accumulated in the body, the greater the fat reserves. Black bread with low calorie contains vitamin in large quantities. But nutritionists strongly recommend to use the product every day. So obvious pattern: get fat, and from white and from black bread. We recommend you to eat any bread, but in moderation.

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