Caesar salad

We all love to eat tasty and healthy salads called “Caesar”. It is prepared on holidays, it is served in many restaurants and cafeterias.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
“Caesar” 163,1 kcal 6,7 g 6,4 g 19,1 g
“Caesar” with chicken 179,2 kcal 16,7 g 10,7 g 3,6 g
“Caesar” with bacon 335,4 kcal 10,6 g 29,6 g 6,1 g
“Caesar” with salmon 94, 5 kcal 7,21 g 6,33 g 2,13 g
“Caesar” with shrimp 82,8 kcal 8,7 g 3,4 g 4,2 g

Ingredients salad «Caesar»

The basis salad affecting caloric Caesar, are the following components:

  • salad (variety “Roma”), or cabbage, or arugula;
  • protein component (chicken, shrimp, beef, bacon); but there is a salad and a vegetarian option, which does not have meat;
  • tomatoes (cherry cultivar or any other structure with fleshy fetus);
  • toasted bread (rye / wheat / rye-wheat and so forth.);
  • salad dressing “Caesar” (purchased at the store or made at home, in a pinch, can be used an ordinary mayonnaise). It should be borne in mind that calorie chicken Caesar will very much depend on the calorific value used filling.

Factors contributing to the increase in caloric Caesar

Increase the number of calories Caesar salad is observed in the following cases:

  • salad filled not specially prepared homemade sauce of the same name, and the traditional mayonnaise;
  • as one of the many food stands bold ingredients Smoked bacon or shrimp fried in oil; calorie chicken Caesar in both cases will be less;
  • salad decorated with not only one with grated cheese, and pine nuts, which have a very high caloric value;
  • to used cooking crumbs of white bread, fried in vegetable oil in the pan;
  • toasts in a salad is much more than vegetables and protein components.

How to reduce the calorie content of food?

Calorie Caesar can be easily reduced. To do this, you can do the following:

  • prepare their own sauce and slightly reduce the oil content in it;
  • to use only a portion of salad 1 tablespoon of filling;
  • In the protein component used as a lean meat (beef, chicken, boiled shrimp);
  • Add the salad a lot of lettuce and cheese and toast content to reduce, they are best used only for decoration of dishes;
  • prepare “Caesar” with pineapple, which is famous for its ability to burn fat; not recommended to use the canned fruit and fresh;
  • do not fry in butter crackers, and baked in the oven;
  • toasts do not stick out, but from bran or rye bread; To do this, you can also use dietary bread.
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