Calories in chicken breast

Calories in chicken breast

Chicken breast or chicken – is the most delicate part of the chicken, which is also called white meat chicken. Calories in chicken breast are low, so it is frequently used in dietary and, depending on the method of preparation, it is recommended to use it in various diets.

Chicken breast is very easily accessible product because it can be purchased at almost any store, supermarket and market. In addition, its cost is low, compared with the known analogue – turkey breast. But she has a small flaw, because when cooking with a simple heat treatment can be rather dry and harsh, so that the chicken turned out juicy and soft, it should be prepared properly.

Calories in chicken breast

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
boiled chicken breast 95 kcal 29,8 g 1,8 g 0,5 g
grilled chicken breast 145,4 kcal 19,3 g 7,1 g 0,8 g
smoked chicken breast 117 kcal 18 g 5 g 0 g
chicken breast steamed 113 kcal 23,6 g 1,9 g 0 g
Baked chicken breast 148,5 kcal 19,7 g 6,2 g 3,6 g
chicken breast with vegetables 126,9 kcal 17 g 5,6 g 2,2 g

The composition of chicken breast and its use

Chicken breast is not only a valuable source of protein for our body, but also contains many different vitamins and minerals. Vitamins, in turn, are actively involved in the synthesis of protein and other substances. Vitamins are necessary for strength training, without them it is impossible to effectively lose weight or increase muscle mass, regardless of the amount of protein intake.

Chicken breast contains vitamins B, C, PP, A, and choline – a substance that ensures the correct functioning of the organs, especially the kidneys and adrenal glands, cleanses the liver of excess fat and cholesterol. Potassium, which is found in chicken, performs the function of electrolytes in the body, helps maintain normal blood pressure. Also contained in the chicken breast equally important micro and macro elements: sodium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, phosphorus and chlorine.

Boiled chicken breast is very useful in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, including gastritis and ulcers, aids digestion, neutralizes excessive acidity of the body. White meat chicken is also useful in case of problems with blood vessels, it helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and low calorie chicken breast cooked helps not to overload the body with unnecessary calories. It is best to boil the chicken in the pan, but the most useful to the chicken, steamed, which preserves all the nutrients, beautiful appearance, it is very lush and soft. Chicken breast is best to eat vegetables to balance the simultaneous intake of protein and fiber in the body.

Chicken fillet useful for teeth, bone, and muscle, it contains the highest amount of zinc and phosphorus. Magnesium helps to improve memory, restore nerve cells, relieve irritability, promotes healing of wounds, and the B vitamins normalize blood sugar levels, so the chicken breast is also recommended to use elderly people.

The use of chicken breast has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body, it improves the skin color, condition of hair and nails, and selenium and lysine contained in it, have a good anti-bacterial properties and strengthen the immune system, preventing colds.

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