Calories in fried potatoes

Calories in fried potatoes

Fried potatoes – a favorite home-cooked meals. It is forbidden and alluring to those who are on a strict diet. Avoid it completely, along with mayonnaise, cola and fried chicken – that’s the first advice for people moving to a healthy diet. What is the cause and what is the real calories in fried potatoes? Can I cook it so that it is not harmful and contain a minimum of calories?

Calories in fried potatoes

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
potato 80 kcal 2,0 g 0,4 ​​g 18,1 g
chips 192 kcal 2,8 g 9,5 g 23,4 g

How to reduce calories in fried potatoes while cooking

Ways of reducing calorie fries and, accordingly, damage from it there are two. Firstly, the improvement of quality of oil.

For this recipe are invited to take a pound of potatoes 2 tablespoons butter and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Butter melts in the pan (pan must be iron, with thick walls, and spacious enough to be able to properly turn the potatoes). Then put an even layer of potatoes and all the time occasionally turn up to readiness. Season with salt and serve with greens. Calorie-fried potatoes in this case is 192 kcal per 100 grams.

Secondly, this decrease in the amount of oil. For this recipe, roast potatoes, caloric approaching boiled potatoes, need a pan with ceramic coating. Potatoes cut into strips (about 500-700 grams). To reduce the amount of starch before frying it is recommended to rinse in cold water. Pour into the pan 10-12 (!) Gram of oil (any vegetable, and can be refined sunflower). In a preheated pan Put the potatoes. We mix it so that it was covered with a thin layer of oil. Put on medium heat for about five minutes, until the potatoes are not covered with the characteristic golden brown. Then cover with a lid and wait for another 20 minutes, until tender. And you have to constantly remove the lid and stir (more often than in the previous recipe). The lid needs to potato moisture does not evaporate so intensely. Of course, in the end you want to add salt and herbs. Caloric chips prepared in this way, is 120 kcal per 100 grams, which is close to the cooked potatoes calorie (87 calories per 100 grams). Taste qualities are obtained are not the same as that of French fries, but with proper preparation of potatoes would not be boiled, it will not unravel. As a result, due out delicious fried potatoes, maybe a little less oil content.

However, for the greater good of the potatoes it is better to boil and simmer, as when frying potatoes loses some of its nutrients.

Another common food bug – feeding fried potatoes with meat. The combination of protein and starch, even with a high content of fat makes food too heavy for the stomach. Better chips serve as a main dish, side dish instead. And as a complement to it – chopped raw vegetables (cucumber, tomato, greens), vegetable salad, tomato juice.

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