Calories in beans

Calories in beans

Beans, along with peas, one of the most well-known legumes in the world. Most often it used the beans as a side dish. it is not eaten raw, but boiled or fried, added to soups, canned. In the canned beans saved a lot of nutrients. Beans – a source of vegetable protein, nutritionally not inferior meat. Thus beans is substantially free of fats and level of calories in beans is low. The rate of consumption of beans – three glasses per week. This includes red beans. Before cooking beans is recommended to soak for a while.

Calories in beans

product calorie squirrel fat carbohydrates
beans boiled 123 kcal 7,8 g 0,5 g 21,5 g
dry beans 265 kcal 21,1 g 1,2 g 41,4 g
beans white 102 kcal 7 g 0,5 g 16,9 g
red bean 93 kcal 8,4 g 0,3 g 13,7 g
beans 24 kcal 2 g 0,2 g 3,6 g
Canned white beans 99 kcal 6,7 g 0,3 g 17,4 g
Canned beans in tomato sauce 106 kcal 5,4 g 0,3 g 20,3 g

Bean Grades

The most common varieties of beans:

  1. Large white beans “baby lima”, similar to a shell. Brewed it is about half an hour, taste – cream. It is usually added to soups and salads.
  2. The Mexican red mottled beans, purple speckled with pink spots. Very intense smell. Used in alliance with herbs in the paste for the tortillas.
  3. White Beans “Navy”, large and oblong – used in canned foods. Often it can be seen as a canned “white beans in tomato sauce.” Because it turns out rich soup.

There are also black beans, purple beans “Kidney” (an indispensable ingredient for the “curry”), Japanese white kidney beans  white beans beans.

The composition of beans

Green beans contain a lot of vitamins C, A, B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, minerals and fiber. Contained in green beans vitamins C, A, E, zinc and potassium work as antioxidants fight free radicals, providing a good view of the skin and hair. Fiber, folate, magnesium and potassium, improve the cardiovascular system, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Green beans contain more vitamins than other types of beans, but less protein. Due to the greater proportion of fiber and water calories in beans is less than that of other types of beans.

The composition of the white and red beans for vitamins and trace elements is almost identical. Red beans also contain B vitamins, especially vitamin B6, which is responsible for immunity, the condition of hair and skin, the nervous system.

Useful properties of beans and harm

Beans contraindicated (or desirable) to use in the following cases:

  • the elderly (bloating when consuming beans due to the fact that not all complex carbohydrates in beans body is able to digest);
  • for gout and nephritis;
  • for gastritis and ulcers with acidity;
  • cholecystitis and colitis.

Beans recommended for people who strictly monitor blood sugar levels. Beans, like all legumes, have a low glycemic index, therefore the blood sugar beans are affected. The fact that a large amount of complex carbohydrates found in beans, beans digested slowly. For those with gastrointestinal disease is bad and for diabetics – on the contrary, because glucose is slowly released during digestion and blood sugar is not increased dramatically


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