Calories in cheese

Calories in cheese

Some cheeses are suitable for the diet, others are too high in calories. However, the product is in any case can not be excluded from the daily diet, because it is very useful and contains a huge list of useful materials for the development of the organism. Especially needed cheese for those who are constantly engaged in sports and exposes her body considerable physical stress.

Calories in cheese

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Dutch cheese 352 kcal 26,0 g 26,8 g 0 g
Cheddar 392 kcal 23,0 g 32,0 g 0 g
Munster cheese 365 kcal 23,4 g 30,0 g 0 g
Emmental cheese 370 kcal 28,7 g 28,5 g 0 g
Parmesan cheese 292 kcal 33,0 g 28,0 g 0 g
Adyghe cheese 270 kcal 18,5 g 14,0 g 0 g
The Russian cheese 360 kcal 24,1 g 29,5 g 0 g
Cream cheese 300 kcal 16,8 g 11,2 g 23,8 g
Roquefort cheese 332 kcal 20,0 g 28,0 g 0 g
Gorgonzola cheese 310 kcal 19,0 g 26,0 g 0 g
Camembert cheese 291 kcal 21,0 g 23,0 g 0 g
Brie cheese 291 kcal 21,0 g 23,0 g 0 g
feta cheese 290 kcal 17,0 g 24,0 g 0 g

Types of cheese

Dutch cheese. The closest relative of the product is a cheese called Gouda. Dutch cheese refers to hard cheeses. Its taste is full of nutty flavor, and the stronger it is, the greater the maturity of the product. This cheese variety is perfect for diet.

Cheddar Cheese. This is an English cheese varieties. A cheese ripening order of 60-180 days. Sometimes it reaches maturation duration of the year. The product is characterized by a slightly sour taste of walnut. It refers to a grade of the produced worldwide.

Munster. This cheese comes from France. By this cheese in taste and chemical composition very similar cheeses such as livarot cheese, Limburg, Romadur, Tilsit cheese.

Emmental cheese. It’s kind of hard cheese which is very popular in Switzerland, Germany, France and England.

Parmesan – the king of cheeses. In Italy, produces several varieties of cheese. The hardest of all is it cheese. cheese ripening period is 5-10 years. According to experts, over the years, Parmesan getting better and firmer. Eventually, there comes a time when the split head cheese is only possible with the help of a hammer.

Adyghe cheese. Quality refers to the soft cheese category. His “relatives” are cheese, Mozzarella, Feta, Mascarpone, Ricotta and cottage cheese. Adyghe cheese very well with herbs, vegetables and even fruit, as well as pasta. Roasted from all sides Adyghe cheese slices have a great taste. Adyghe cheese contains many vitamins, calcium, essential amino acids and phosphorus. Due to such a rich composition of the cheese has high nutritional and medicinal value. The use of this particular variety of cheese is recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly. Due to the relatively low caloric Adyghe cheese and low content of salt product is recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension).

The Russian cheese is well known to everyone. After all, this product is rightfully won the title of National. From other types of cheese can be distinguished by its characteristic pattern. Russian cheese made exclusively from pasteurized cow’s milk with the addition of mesophilic leaven. It contains a lot of protein as well as calcium and phosphorus. The use of this cheese is necessary for the good operation of the musculoskeletal system. To the product did not affect the state of health and did not affect body weight, you need to use it in very small amounts.

Cream cheese. Compared to hard cheese, the product has huge advantages, one of which is the ability to completely assimilated by the body. Besides cheese – nutritional product useful for human in composition due to the presence of large amounts of calcium and phosphorus. Another indispensable ingredient in processed cheese is casein, or milk of the highest quality protein.

Blue cheeses

Roquefort. This famous works of French cheese makers is very popular in our country. It is worth noting that this Roquefort to be made from sheep’s milk. The cheese mass is added a little fungus Penicillium Roquefort, which is grown on rye bread. Crumbly pieces of cheese riddled with veins of blue mold. This cheese is also called aristocratic.

Gorgonzola – a worthy competitor to Roquefort cheese. The cheese is very famous and is produced only in Italy. His body is soft, semi-solid refers to the mind.

Camembert – French cheese, meets in Russia seldom enough. Now it is made in France. Connoisseurs of cheese are convinced that the best make Camembert in Normandy.

Bree – the famous French cheese. Its taste is very thin, with a nutty flavor.

The popular today feta cheese made from sheep’s milk. Perhaps it is the ancestor of Feta all existing kinds of Mediterranean cheeses.

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