Calories in ice cream

Ice cream – one of the most popular desserts. It is a favorite treat not only children but also adults.

Calories in ice cream

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Dairy Ice Cream 183 kcal 3,7 g 10 g 19,4 g
Plombiere ice cream 227 kcal 3,2 g 15 g 20,8 g
ice milk 126 kcal 3,2 g 3,5 g 21,3 g
ice cream popsicle 270 kcal 3,5 g 20 g 19,6 g
cream milk chocolate 138 kcal 4,2 g 3,5 g 23 g
chocolate cream 231 kcal 3,6 g 15 g 20,4 g

How do modern ice cream?

The modern form of dessert made from whole milk, cream, butter and sugar. Depending on the type of ice cream are added to it various aromatic and flavoring ingredients. There is soy ice cream in the manufacture of which is based on the use of soy products.

Depending on the mode of production of ice cream isolated soft and seasoned varieties of dessert. Soft ice cream has a creamy consistency and a small shelf life. Soft ice-cream is temperature (-7 -5 ° C). Quite often, this ice cream can be purchased in bulk. Tempered ice cream is characterized by a long shelf life due to the freezing temperatures (-18 ° C and below). The distinctive feature of this ice cream is its hardness.

Ice cream of both species is used both in pure form and in combination with various additives (grated chocolate, chopped nuts, fruits).

The composition of the benefits and harms of ice cream

Ice cream in its composition contains amino acids, minerals, dietary fiber, lipids and proteins. In addition, as part of a dessert can often find very useful and indispensable for the body substance L-tryptophan. It helps normalize sleep helps to calm the nerves and raise the spirits. Once in the body the fan cream, L-tryptophan substance passes into another form – serotonin. He is responsible for mood, helps to overcome stress. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use ice cream to those who are constantly exposed to stress and mental fatigue.

Ice cream produced from natural products, a positive effect on the immune system, stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens bone tissue. Everything else, in spite of the high calorie ice cream sundae, its use stimulates the burning of fat.

High-calorie ice cream makes a product harmful for those suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and tooth decay.

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