Calories in mayonnaise

There are a number of foods that require “exposure”. Because that’s what we mean by these products is actually very far from what they actually are. So with mayonnaise. This mayonnaise – is home high-fat cold sauce hails from the southern regions of France. Cold – means that it is fed exclusively with cold dishes and never subjected to cooking. The composition of this mayonnaise are: olive oil, egg yolk, lemon juice, sugar, salt and mustard. No vinegars, preservatives, flavorings and thickeners.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
mayonnaise light 299 kcal 0,3 g 30 g 5,2 g
Japanese mayonnaise 134 kcal 4,3 g 10,2 g 5,8 g
Provence Mayonnaise 624 kcal 3,1 g 67 g 2,6 g
mayonnaise Europe 665 kcal 1,4 g 72 g 2,6 g
mayonnaise diet 204 kcal 1,4 g 20 g 4,4 g
mayonnaise amateur 449 kcal 3,1 g 47 g 3 g
table mayonnaise milk 627 kcal 2,4 g 67 g 3,9 g

calories in home mayonnaise

How many calories in mayonnaise present? Fat mayonnaise reaches 80%, and the calories in mayonnaise provencal of 624 kcal. The color of the mayonnaise – creamy yellow color reminiscent of farm butter. This mayonnaise stored no longer than several days, even in a refrigerator. What sold in stores under that name? The fact that this is not exposed mayonnaise prolonged storage. For the production and sales of the product is very bad. With milk pasteurization have found a way in. A mayonnaise having an emulsion (oil dissolved in the egg) are not able to be subjected to high temperatures. The solution was found in supplements: thickeners, preservatives, flavor enhancers … calories in mayonnaise Groceries reduce artificially, thus, that he kept consistency, add more preservatives and thickeners. How to distinguish real mayonnaise from the store? Heat it in a skillet. This mayonnaise disintegrate into components, rather, it becomes a vegetable oil. Shops – dissolve into the water and “something”. Although calories in mayonnaise home is very high, sometimes it is better to reduce the number and increase the quality. As the cost of food (if you take the natural olive oil), mayonnaise home will exceed the shops, but not much. Yes, homemade mayonnaise vysokokalorien, spoon calories in mayonnaise home is about 550 calories. But if it is, to the extent of using as a sauce for starters, you can get all the benefits of the components of this sauce. Of course, for home mayonnaise should choose only high-quality fresh eggs (and waterfowl), and it is desirable – refined olive oil.

Basic errors in the use of mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has recently become very, extremely popular. It offers not only add to salads and cold dishes. With him baked fish, meat, it is added to borscht instead of sour cream. There are lots of recipes for baking, where the dough add the mayonnaise. Why is this happening?

The fact that the store is already approaching the mayonnaise with properties not to the original mayonnaise, sauces for the flood of cold dishes and a sauce “bechamel”, and they really smeared meat and fish before baking. On the other hand, why do you need to replace other oils mayonnaise, sauces, sour cream and condiments?

It is believed that the origins of love mayonnaise are still in Soviet times, when the shelf life is determined only by the initial products, were natural preservatives and expensive, and mayonnaise was served only for the holiday. That sauce and remembered as deficient.

However, all just met and inverse cases: mayonnaise added to the dish, or used for other purposes, when he replaced the missing ingredient of sunflower cooking oil to vinegar for watering meat.

Where applicable mayonnaise “for lack of other food»:

  • for roasting meat, instead of sour cream;
  • for frying instead of sunflower oil;
  • to lubricate sandwiches instead of butter;
  • for salads instead of drawing sophisticated sauces.

Does this make sense to do the time? In the case of baking and other heat treatment – definitely not. To verify this, it is enough to observe the mayonnaise on a hot pan. For meat, starting out in the oven should be used low-fat sour cream. Furthermore, how many calories in mayonnaise? Between 300 and 700 kcal. And in the sour cream? From 150 to 300 Kcal. The choice is clear.

For lubricating sandwiches, as a replacement for “spread” – perhaps it makes sense, but only if the butter is not available now. calories in mayonnaise provencal shop is 629 kcal per hundred grams, calories butter – 746 calories per hundred grams. Calorie tablespoons mayonnaise, spread on bread, will be 112 kcal. Calorie is a sandwich with butter – 200-300 calories.

For salads … Of course, the salads – a cold appetizer, and the hostess a small selection: cream, sunflower oil or mayonnaise. But how much sauce recipe for cold dishes in addition to the mayonnaise! And how much more interesting, using, for example, E.Molohovets recipes, cooking “bechamel” yourself! But if you hurry, you can and mayonnaise.

How many calories in mayonnaise

calories in mayonnaise Groceries strictly regulated. For example:

  • calories in mayonnaise Provencal 67% – 624 kcal per hundred grams;
  • calories in mayonnaise table 50% – 380-550 kcal per hundred grams;
  • calories in mayonnaise salad 35% – 250-300 kcal per hundred grams.

Of course, the magazine-calories in mayonnaise captivating that is regulated by the manufacturer. Calorie tablespoons mayonnaise store can be only 50-60 calories. But if you think – what is contained in mayonnaise, has a fat content of 35% and why it does not break up into components directly in the package? What is a “low-calorie” mayonnaise? Yes is 65% water. But this water look appetizing and tasted, added additional emulsifiers, thickeners, flavorings and colorants. In any case, it’s fat for the most part. The composition of mayonnaise should carefully read the label and choose the magazine mayonnaise one that, firstly, has a small shelf life, and, secondly, contains a minimum of artificial additives.

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