Calories in plum

Plum is a hybrid of plum and sloe, who came to us from Romania, and there he was in France.

Calories in plum

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Calories in plum 42 kcal 0,8 g 0,3 g 9,6 g
prune 240 kcal 2,3 g 0,7 g 57,5 ​​g

Depending on the time of ripening, there are five varieties of plums:

• A very early variety (fruits in July);

• Early variety (fruit until the tenth of August);

• The mid grade (fruit until the twenty-fifth of August);

• Late variety (ripen until the tenth of September);

• It is very late-ripening varieties (ripens from the tenth of September).

The composition and useful properties of plums

The drain contains pro-vitamin A, vitamins PP, E, C, B6, B2, B1, consolidated organic acids (succinic, oxalic, citric, malic), dietary fiber, which enhance the motor function of the intestine and regulate the acid-alkaline balance. From the macro- and microelements in sinks contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fluorine, iodine, copper, zinc, magnesium, chromium and sodium.

Useful substances contained in plums, have a beneficial effect on all the systems and organs of the human body. The plum pulp lot of pectin and cellulose, which have a mild laxative effect, stimulate peristalsis and well-regulated digestion. Due to the high content of vitamin E and B complex drainage it is a good preventive measure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Due to the presence of sodium and calcium are useful for hypertensive drain and cores.

Plums Slimming

Since the low caloric plums, they are classic dietary product. It is an ideal product for weight loss as to output fluid from the body, cleaning it from toxic substances and wastes, it contains a lot of chemical elements, vitamins and organic acids.

During the summer and in September it is possible to carry out strict fasting days to drain. These days you must eat one to two kilograms of ripe plums. These fasting days will help not only to throw extra weight, but also clean the intestines, to restore metabolic processes in the body, to withdraw excess liquid and saturate your body with the right nutrients and beneficial.

Such fasting days can be carried out all but those who have gastrointestinal disease and diabetes, as the plums contain a lot of carbohydrates, including glucose.

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