Calories in potato

Calories in potato

The potato is the most versatile vegetable that is used in many cuisines of the world for the preparation of various dishes. From it can make not only the main courses, soups, stews, and casseroles, rolls and even desserts. Potatoes are relatively easy to prepare, because for that you do not need any special culinary skills to the same caloric content of potatoes is quite small. The most common dishes are potatoes: potatoes fried, stewed, baked, mashed potatoes. Also potatoes are added to salads, pancakes, make pancakes, cakes, chips, french fries, pudding and sweet potato (sweet potato) can even cook a souffle desserts and pastes.

Calories in potato

product calorie squirrel fat carbohydrates
potato 80 kcal 2 g 0,4 ​​g 18,1 g
boiled potatoes 82 kcal 2 g 0,4 ​​g 16,7 g
fried potatoes 192 kcal 2,8 g 9,5 g 23,4 g
dried potatoes 298 kcal 6,6 g 0,3 g 71,6 g
new potatoes 61 kcal 2,4 g 0,4 ​​g 12,4 g
potatoes rustic 315 kcal 5 g 16 g 38 g
fries 505 kcal 8 g ​​ 26 g 66 g

Useful properties and composition

The potato contains vitamins A, PP, C, E, H, as well as almost all the B vitamins include micro- and macroelements it most present potassium, magnesium, chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, , aluminum, rubidium, and others. in addition, about 0.2 grams of potato organic acids, 14 grams starch, 78.6 grams of water, 1.4 grams of dietary fiber. This rich composition allows rightly considered a leader among vegetables potatoes on the number of nutrients in it.

The most useful components of potato consider its juice and pulp. Potato juice helps fight with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, quickly heals wounds, has antiseptic properties, cleanses the body of toxins. Use the juice of potatoes, carrots and celery make a special cocktail, which is prescribed for nervous disorders of various kinds, goiter, digestive problems. Low calorie potatoes and juice it helps to burn fat and remove toxins from the body, contributing to weight loss. Since potato is a popular antibacterial agent, it is used even for treatment of various purulent wounds, boils and inflammation.

The broth of potato also has a huge number of advantages. It is used for the deposition of salts in humans. This broth welded from cut tubers with the skin, is able to relieve joint pain, to accelerate the process of regeneration of bone after fracture. If you have arthritis or hypertension, doctors also recommend drinking potato broth before meals 2-3 times a day.

The flesh potatoes and squash it useful for sprains, bruises and sprains, and for that of her do special packs, tying them to the sore spot. If you are plagued by frequent headaches, try to compress the forehead from a piece of potato or its slurry. Potato pulp is used in inflammation of the eye, for it makes a compress of potato pulp with egg white and leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with warm water weight.

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