Calories in shrimp

Shrimps are considered very desirable delicacy on our tables. From them prepare a variety of salads, or simply consumed with beer. Shrimp is very good for the body, also taste good.

How many calories in shrimp

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Сalories in boiled shrimp 95 kcal 18,9 g 2,2 g 0 g
Сalories in fresh shrimp 97 kcal 22,0 g 1,0 g 0 g
Сalories in king prawn 87 kcal 18,3 g 1,2 g 0,8 g
Сalories in tiger shrimp 89 kcal 19,2 g 0,6 g 0 g

The composition of shrimp

The shrimp contain large amounts of minerals and protein. They contain vitamin A (retinol and beta-carotene), D, C (ascorbic acid), E (tocopherol), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B9 (folic acid), B12 (cyanocobalamin), PP ( niacin); macronutrients such as sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, copper, iodine, fluorine; trace elements nickel, cobalt, magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, zinc, iron.

Yoda in shrimp contains almost a hundred times more than beef. Eating hundred grams of shrimp, you will give your body with a daily norm of iodine and 2.5 standards, potassium, and 200 grams – the daily norm of copper and cobalt.

Useful properties of shrimp

Shrimp extremely useful due to high content of minerals and vitamins. The most useful and nutritious shrimp – small cold-blooded. They also all other tasty shrimp that are caught in the seas of the south.

These small shrimp can help the body grow and develop normally and keep up hormonal balance. It is believed that the shrimp can affect all organs and their function in the human body. Eating small shrimp, you cut the likelihood of developing colds and vascular diseases, keep up and strengthen the immune system.

Pregnant women and growing children is very useful in shrimp contained folic acid.

Recent studies have shown that shrimp – a great antioxidant due to the carotenoid content, regular use of which reduces the risk of cancer and promotes the formation of new tissues and cells, thereby prolonging their youth.

How to choose the shrimp?

The most useful shrimp – frozen, as in this case, they keep the best of their properties. But stores are most often found frozen boiled shrimp. Shrimp are best taken in blocks.

Shrimp should have a fresh new look and smell like the sea. They must be no stains. If there are rings on the legs or black spots, then the shrimp or spoiled, or has a relatively advanced age. During cooking it just turn to mush. If you have yellow spots, then tried to hide the black spots with the help of chemical solutions.

If the shrimp are very bright, reddish or oranges color, then they are embellishing them specifically to give them a presentation.

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