Calories in split pea soup

calories in split pea soup

Who does not like hot summer eat green peas? And it was the peas as food is present the year table. From peas can be cooked a lot of delicious and healthy dishes at least. For example, the pea soup.

Calories in split pea soup

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Calories in split pea soup 66 kcal 4,4 g 2,4 g 8,9 g

pea Benefits

Fruits peas contain a lot of valuable vegetable protein. In addition, the weight of peas natural sugars and fiber. Pea does not contain fat and fatty acids. It contains B vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamins A, E, PP. Culture is not deprived of valuable micro and macro elements. The plant contains iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, chromium, tin, calcium and many other useful minerals for the human body. All this indicates that calorie pea soup did not harm the figure, and saturate the body with essential for the existence of substances.

Dietary split pea soup

To prepare a dietary soup with peas need dry peas in an amount of 1 kg. It must be thoroughly washed, pour in a pan, pour three liters of water and put on a plate. After boiling peas need to add a medium-sized onion, cut into several pieces and toss into the pan with the peas. Next you need to cook the peas until he seethes until puree state. After ten minutes of cooking, add herbs, salt, garlic, black pepper, coriander. Boil for five minutes, turn off the fire. Before submitting to the table, the soup is necessary to insist twenty minutes. The dish can be submitted toast, toast, crackers.

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