Calories in turkey breast

Calories in turkey breast

Turkey breast (fillet) – it is somewhat dry white meat, compared to the rest of the meat turkeys are less juicy after cooking (due to record low fat content), more tender. Calories in turkey breast are low, so it is frequently used in dietary and, depending on the method of preparation, it is recommended to use it in various diets.

Calories in turkey breast

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
turkey breast 84 kcal 19,2 g 0,7 g 0 g
turkey breast with rice and vegetables 100,9 kcal 8 g ​​ 1,4 g 14,3 g
turkey breast in honey-soy sauce 91,2 kcal 17,8 g 0,7 g 3,43 g
turkey breast with potatoes and eggplant 71,12 kcal 6,85 g 0,6 g 10,07 g

A useful composition of meat turkey breast

In addition to the low calories in turkey breast, the meat is useful for dietary and even their composition. The turkey meat rich in vitamins, especially B group, they affect the digestion of food. Also there turkey zinc, which strengthens immunity, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. These trace elements are well maintained cardiovascular activity. Even in meat turkey contains useful amino acids and selenium. Amino acids (monounsaturated fatty acids) to help fight cholesterol and also affect brain activity, along with potassium. Selenium affects the normal state of health and the overall health and longevity (its deficiency in the body leads to a variety of diseases of the skin and joints, hormonal disruptions). Due to the low caloric content of cooked turkey breast, it can often be included in the diet as an essential source of protein. Tender white meat is well absorbed from it prepare a variety of dishes, combining it with vegetables, spices, cereals and fruit.

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