Celery diet

Each woman will sooner or later begin the search for a safe, but effective diet. Moreover, it should give a result not one year, but much earlier. But despite the fact that the media day promoting more than a dozen different weight loss methods, not all of them are really competent and effective.

celery diet is not as significant on hearing how others like her “vegetable” system. But it promises no less attractive: up to 8 kg per week in the absence of a constant feeling of hunger. Reviews in the network, talking about his own ease and the absence of “boomerang effect”, adjacent to the comments on the complete futility of dieting, of course, clarify the situation have been made. So we’ll have to deal on its own. To find out what it looks like on the menu celery diet, which are the requirements and limitations, the effect on the body similar to the daily food.

Recipes for diet on celery

The main recipe for diet on celery, who need to know is the algorithm cooking celery soup. Moreover, in contrast to the like – in the sense that, too focused on relief of weight – onion soup, celery “brother” does not consist of just one vegetable and water.

For the most part you can get absolutely any vegetables, which like the look, except potatoes. And the most common structure is as follows: a pair of bell peppers, celery half kilogram, the same – cabbage, tomatoes and a pair of large three or four onions. All this small tavern, filled with cold water in a 3 liter, brought to a boil and simmered for half an hour. Salt to taste. You can also complement the carrot soup and herbs.

Calorie this dish does not exceed 20 kcal per hundred grams, but because it has allowed at least every half hour in the any amount: it will not harm the figure in any way. But, of course, they will be difficult enough. And because you can bring another recipe to diet on celery: nourishing and easy salad that requires just four ingredients.

It is necessary to boil in salted water, chicken breast, devoid of skin and bone, finely chop it, or break into stripes along the grain. Clear savory green apple, chopped into cubes. The same make with medium-sized pickle. And to complement all chopped celery stalks, season the salad with lemon juice ready.

But the most common is probably considered to be even more simple and easy salad with sour apples, raw carrots and celery stalks. All components are rubbed on a grater, mix in a bowl and dressed with lemon or orange juice. And if those same components to grind in a blender, you get a wonderful vitamin and low-calorie smoothies, perfect for lunch or dinner. You can add a spoonful of low-fat sour cream, to improve the absorption of carrots.

Full weekly menu celery diet

Despite the fact that the diet is based on a soup of celery, it does not mean its complete domination in the daily diet. In addition to this dish there are a number of valid products that should be eaten daily. This allows you to keep a certain balance of nutrients and prevent weight loss method to turn into a hunger strike.

  • On Monday, in addition to the soup drunk fresh fruit juices and smoothies above celery with carrot and apple.
  • On Tuesday, the soup of celery are allowed to add any fruit in any quantity, but we do not take bananas, persimmons and grapes. Eat mostly fresh, but apples, for example, can be baked in the oven with cinnamon.
  • In addition to the medium allowed to soup at lunch to eat boiled or baked large potatoes, any vegetable.
  • In Friday boiled brown unpolished rice, coupled with cauliflower and tomatoes. It can also be supplied only in the afternoon: the other meals are of celery soup.
  • In addition to Saturday’s soup can eat up to 300 grams of lean boiled. It can be chicken, turkey, veal.
  • On Sunday, breakfast is served oatmeal on the water and a glass of yogurt. As lunch serves a large grapefruit. For lunch, soup of celery, 100 grams of lean meat. To prepare protein snack omelet for dinner and make celery salad, the recipe of which is given above.

As mentioned, it is clear for a while following the principles of diet on celery soup will have to forget about the bread and bakery products, a sweet and starchy foods, including pasta, spaghetti, pasta, noodles. Even excluding cereals, excluding rice from the fifth day and seventh with oatmeal. Alcohol, coffee, cocoa prohibited. In addition to the pure water may be still mineral water and green weak tea.

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