Chicken soup calories

Chicken soup calories

Chicken soup is the most popular and the most favorite dish of many people in early childhood. Many appreciate the dish for its dietary qualities and ease. It is very nourishing, appetizing and transparent. No doubt it can be argued that such soups are not only useful, but also are satisfying.

Chicken soup calories

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
chicken soup with potatoes 24,2 kcal 3,1 g 0,2 g 2,5 g
chicken soup with sauerkraut (cabbage soup) 70,9 kcal 9,4 g 0,6 g 7,4 g
Chicken noodle soup 69,6 kcal 5,1 g 4,1 g 3,1 g
chicken soup with vegetables 26,5 kcal 2,5 g 1,5 g 0,9 g
chicken soup with rice 36,7 kcal 2,8 g 1,6 g 3,1 g
chicken soup with dumplings 51,8 kcal 5,3 g 1 g 5,5 g

How to reduce chicken soup calories?

For those who adhere to a healthy diet, the soup is chicken broth is the main dish of the daily diet. Of course, the skin from chicken before cooking should be cut. After all, the skin adds calories chicken soup.

The skin from the carcass is cut up the cooking process. Indeed, during the boiling broth and boil it go bad and oily substances. To reduce calorie chicken soup, you need to boil the broth for 15-20 minutes, then drain the broth first and pour fresh water into the pan. It is on the second broth prepared diet chicken soup, borscht and cabbage soup. In this simple way calorie chicken soup can be minimized.

Chicken soup calories broth will be less if during cooking dishes do fried carrots and onions. It is proved that it increases calorie dishes to third. After fried onion 20 percent consists of vegetable oil, which is a fairly high-calorie foods.

Cooking chicken soup

The basis of chicken soup is the broth. And how to prepare the best soup? The most important aspect is the ratio of meat and water. To prepare the richness and nutrient broth will need 1.5 liters of water, 500 grams of chicken, an egg, a cup of flour, one carrot, one onion, medium size, 2-3 potatoes, spices, salt, pepper, spices.

Let us proceed to the preparation. Cook broth with spices and herbs. Periodically remove the scum. After 30 minutes of boiling, add the potatoes to the meat. As mentioned above, on how many calories in chicken soup, dishes influenced by auxiliaries. For example, carrots and onions is recommended to add a fresh and closer to the end of cooking.

In a separate bowl break the egg, add to it 3 tablespoons of water, all mixed thoroughly. Then dip your hands in clean water and a mixture of egg, then in flour mixture wipe stuck to the hands, until the end of the flour and water with egg. In order to get rid of excess flour, sifted through a sieve. The finished dish is served with crackers or rye bread. Calorie soup with chicken in this case will not be affected much.

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