Chicken is lower caloric calorie other types of meat, is considered a dietary staple. Because of this it is included in the diet menu, and decorate the most refined and low-calorie dishes.

product calorie proteins fat carbohydrates
chicken 190 kcal 16,0 g 14,0 g 0,0 g
roast 210 kcal 26,0 g 12,0 g 0,0 g
boiled 170 kcal 25,2 g 7,4 g 0,0 g
smoked 184 kcal 27,5 g 8,2 g 0,0 g
cooked with vegetables in multi-cooker 51,5 kcal 9,5 g 0,5 g 1,9 g

How to choose the chicken

If you are aiming to minimize calorie chicken, we recommend choosing the least fatty part of the chicken carcass. For example, a chickens leg has a calorie equal to 184 kcal per 100g of product. Chicken meat is considered a dietary altogether. It contains 113 calories per 100 g The highest calorie characterized chicken thigh, wings and back.

And do not forget that the chicken has a maximum useful to the body with proper digestion, which is possible only with the use of meat with fresh vegetables and salads. Fiber contained in herbs and vegetables, helps fat absorbed quickly.

Now that you know what to do to reduce the calories of chicken. Be of good cheer! Rejoice family tasty and healthy dish!

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