Chinese diet

There are a number of diets, based on national cuisine. Thus, the popularity and fame earned Italian cuisine and Mediterranean diet, French cuisine and French, respectively, diet. But today we’ll talk about a diet based on the eastern cuisine – namely China. Chinese cuisine – one of the most famous in the world.

Features of Chinese cuisine and approach to nutrition

What principles based this kitchen? Firstly, China is huge. Only in China, not counting the diaspora, there are 8 types of cuisine, by region. In fact, hot and spicy – northern Beijing cuisine, which is best known abroad as the Chinese.

Second, the bulk of the food – it is rice and other cereals: millet, barley and wheat. Second place in the diet – it is fruits and vegetables. Meat eating in small (relatively) number, but as the Chinese – gourmets, the meat and vegetables with a variety of fruits used.

The variety of products – branded third feature of Chinese cuisine. Main products: rice, fish and seafood, vegetables in different versions, soy, green tea. Half of local products is very specific for the Europeans.

But there are a number of products, which are almost not used (compared to our kitchen) in China. What are these products? Mayonnaise and ketchup (which are replaced with a string of their own sauce), potatoes, white bread (instead – Grain Baking), dairy products – almost everything.

Another feature of the cuisine – all dishes are prepared immediately before use, a la carte. “Two secret: cut correctly and properly fry” as the Chinese say about his kitchen. Properly cut means – small pieces. As for the “fry” – the Chinese know 30 ways of cooking, rather than the usual “cooking” and “frying” as we do.

Speaking of portions: a Chinese restaurant is better to go now, and remember that each dish is designed for a few people, like pizza in a pizzeria. Because all meals, basically – the collective.

The aesthetics of eating the food and table service – is also an important factor. There is offered slowly, spending time at the cultural conversation.

An important factor in Chinese cuisine – is also a presentation of traditional Chinese medicine and human physiology, culture, food intake and the relationship to her own body. The concepts of a healthy diet are incorporated in the very foundation of national cuisine, along with the basic provisions of the equilibrium and moderation in Confucianism and Taoism.

Chinese diet

The products in the Chinese diet includes quite familiar to us. But with salt and spices are not specified, although the name of the diet. In any case, before the diet should consult a doctor.

Before the start of the Chinese diet should prepare: five days to drink 2 glasses of water (warm) on an empty stomach in the morning.

From the diet completely exclude the following products: salt, sugar, spices, alcohol, bread, all drinks except water. All salads dressed with vegetable oil (preferably olive). Vegetables, unless specified – boiled, eat raw (carrots can grate). Meat and fish are prepared either grilled or boiled, or treated for a couple.

There are variants of the Chinese diet for 7 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks.

Menu Chinese diet for 7 days:

Each meal to finish a glass of mineral water.


Breakfast: coleslaw.

Dinner: a glass (serving – 150-200 grams) of cooked rice, carrot salad.

Dinner: piece of fish, a portion of rice, a few leaves of lettuce.


Breakfast: salad of boiled carrots with butter, bread.

Lunch: a portion of salad (cabbage, carrots, celery, lettuce). Portion of rice, apple.

Dinner: a portion of rice, 4 leaf lettuce, half a grapefruit.


Breakfast: serving of fruit salad (apples, oranges, bananas), glass of orange juice.

Lunch: steamed asparagus (soybean), cabbage salad, a slice of bread.

Dinner: a portion of stewed potatoes with mushrooms.


Breakfast: apple, orange, corn bread, a glass of apple juice.

Lunch: boiled asparagus with basil leaves, a portion of rice, apple.

Dinner: fish, 2 boiled potatoes.


Breakfast: serving of rice.

Lunch: salad of seaweed, corn bread or serving of rice.

Dinner: salad of cabbage, carrots, green salad, bread or tortilla made from rice flour.


Breakfast: serving of rice, apple, glass apple juice.

Lunch: dish of fish (preferably marine), fruit salad, a glass of juice.

Dinner: a piece of meat, bread, lettuce, orange.


Breakfast: fruit salad with dried fruit.

Lunch: a portion of the rice with a spoon of honey and fruit.

Dinner: sea fish, seaweed salad, rice balls.

Menu Chinese diet for 14 days:


Breakfast: coffee, bread (grain).

Lunch: 2 eggs; coleslaw and tomatoes with oil.

Dinner: steamed fish; coleslaw and green.


Breakfast: t.zh.

Lunch: fish; salad.

Dinner: a portion of the steam beef, a cup of yogurt.


Breakfast: t.zh.

Lunch: 1 egg (scrambled eggs), 3 boiled carrots with a spoon of butter.

Dinner: apples.


Breakfast: t.zh.

Lunch: salad of celery, nuts and apples;

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 200 grams of beef, fresh salad.


Breakfast: salad of shredded carrots with lemon juice.

Lunch: dish of fish, 1 tomato.

Dinner: fish, coleslaw.


Breakfast: coffee and bread.

Lunch: chicken dish; coleslaw and carrots;

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs; salad of carrot.


Breakfast: green tea.

Lunch: boiled beef, any fruit.

Dinner t.zh.

and repeat for another week.

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