Chocolate diet

Oh, what only methods of losing weight does not exist today! That diet for chocolate replenish their piggy bank, pleased the lovers of sweet. After all, the word “diet” and “chocolate” in the same sentence for many is a welcome tandem: to lose weight and continue to eat your favorite goodies. It seems that the main dream is fulfilled, and has nothing more to wish for. Women are beginning to paint a fairytale picture with a figure of forty kilos of weight and hundred grams tiles in hand. But it is beautiful reality chocolate diet?

In order to determine its true value and the degree to understand whether to start “chocolate madness” requires read reviews about chocolate diet for weight loss, abandoned medical specialists and those women who have already tried on myself like that. And also to find out what is this power system, and whether it is an April Fool’s joke.

Principles chocolate diet for weight loss

So, what is the Chocolate Diet?

During the day, eaten plain hundred grams chocolate, which shows the average calorie 520-550 kcal. Typically, it is divided into three meals, 30 with a small grams each. Moreover, any difference is milk or dark chocolate is preferred, no. The only thing that is not allowed – white chocolate, which has no list of ingredients in cocoa butter in sufficient quantities. As well as diabetic chocolates based on sweeteners.

What is nice, you can complement the sweetness of your favorite cup of unsweetened coffee, which is allowed to pour a little milk or cream. This is due to the ability of the drink increases the metabolic rate, but, as everyone knows, when used in moderation.

In addition to the lack of menu chocolate diet of any other products in addition to the above mentioned confection, it is to say that it is impossible to include in the diet of no sugar, no salt. But acceptable herbal teas, pure non-carbonated water. But they should be used three hours after a meal.

Also, the taboos imposed on alcoholic beverages.

Should drink a lot, from a half liters a day. This is a feature of all the methods of weight loss, excluding the salt from the diet.

Chocolate diet lasts a week, although some continue to adhere to it for another seven days. But such a measure is not desirable for the body. A repeat such an experience can only be a month to give the body time to fully come to himself, restoring inner balance.

And, to get the result Chocolate diet does not require physical exertion. But correct to say that it is with them just does not fit. The fact that such a system allows power barely support the body in a healthy state, often causing weakness and headache. For calorie diet may issue a stretch of 600 kcal / day. This is too little. And if its sports supplement, likely loss of consciousness or the like side effects.

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