Complex of home exercises for women

What woman does not dream of a slim figure, which will look spectacular any clothes from coats to bathing suits? In pursuit of the perfect options women sit on a hard diet purchased season tickets to the gym, trying to get up in the morning for a run, or bring considerable revenue to the producers of “miracle remedies” in the form of tablets and tea for extra weight loss. But at all times the most effective method is the symbiosis of a healthy diet, active lifestyle and varied sets of exercises for women at home. To come to understand this truth, someone has to first try to imagine all other ways. And someone immediately asks the question of how best home exercises for women to lose weight or strengthen and develop muscle relief. And regardless of how long was the road to this, the information below will be very useful.

But before analyzing in detail the two main blocks home exercises for women – muscle and to reduce the size – you need to find out what it would take to classes, and how to build in General practice.

regardless of what is the purpose of the studies carried out weight loss or muscle strengthening, it is divided into three blocks: warm-up, main part and a hitch. The first accounts for about fifteen minutes, during which are working out all the muscles and joints rotational and tilting movements, as well as warming up the body. This is the running in place, jumping, energetic dancing. The Central block, fill, depending on what you need to achieve requires twenty to thirty minutes to complete. What to fill it – will be clear from the material below. And the final stage – stretching – implies a start of the recovery process for muscles and ligaments. Different kinds of bends, folds, splits and backbends. Stretching does not take more than seven minutes. And in the end it turns out that the whole exercise will take about an hour. Undoubtedly, if desired, the blocks can be expanded: given only the minimum time which should be lower. Otherwise, the effect will be.

Complex home exercises for women to lose weight

When set to burning body fat cardio is needed, enriching the body with oxygen, due to which activate combustion process “strategic reserves”. The first twenty minutes it is important to maintain your heart rate at a high rates, but because the rhythm of performing home exercises for women will be quite high. But it should be in control of their own health. The number of repeats of the element in one run from twenty to forty, these same calls can be as two and five.

the heart rate you want to support for burning body fat is calculated very simply: take 220-age in years, and then the resulting number is multiplied by 0.6. Below this limit heart rate during cardio training should not be omitted. After twenty minutes will begin the elimination of “strategic reserves”, and here you can move on to the study of the problem areas.

the bulk of it is crunches and leg lifts or upper part of the body in a horizontal position, acting on a press. Squats and lunges with different placing of the feet and body to the buttocks. Mahi with varying amplitude and tempo – for the feet. Tilts and twists for the waist. Troughs and racks for the back. Push-UPS and the “plank” for the chest and arms. Also, these elements could be supplemented by working with the Hoop, “disk health”, skipping rope, chest expander or fitball.

Strengthening and developing the muscles home exercises for women

the Lion’s share of home exercises for women focused on muscle development, is a workout which can be combined with cardio. Most often it is the elements of fitness with dumbbells or weights which increase the process of fat burning, but at the same time, greatly stressing the muscles. Weights in this case are chosen with the weight 5 to 10 kg depending on its own forces. All exercises are performed in eight-ten reps per set, number of sets increases from two to four. The pace is moderate, close to slow.

the basis of the power complex home exercises for women and men consists of three basic elements: bench press, squats and deadlifts.

  • Bench press is performed in the horizontal supine position, and placed preferably on a low bench, or at least put under the blades of the elastic flat pillow. In stretched up his hands clamped either dumbbells or a barbell. Hands are shoulder width elbows. Bending your elbows, draw them to himself to the level of the chest, with elbows bent in different directions. Smoothly return to the starting position.
  • Squats with weights are performed at spaced across the width of the pelvis, the legs, the feet which are parallel to each other. If the “weight” used rod, it rests the bar on his shoulders. If the dumbbells – they are gripped in the hands and arms freely hanging along the body. Slowly squatting down slightly you need to take the buttocks back, and the body tilted forward. When working with dumbbells, hands up in an arc up and forward at chest level. Slowly return back.
  • a deadlift is performed in vertical position with a perfectly straight spine and relaxed knees. Feet parallel, feet shoulder width of the pelvis. In the lowered hands in front of him either dumbbells or a barbell, taken wide or narrow grip. Raise from the floor and lower the weight back, bending and unbending (not completely!) knees, not rounding the back and lifting shoulders to the ears.

Adding to one of these complexes home exercises for women revised menu with a predominance of plant foods and protein, as well as increasing the number of walks in your schedule after a couple weeks you can smile at my changed reflection in the mirror. More positive, persistence and faith in your own strength. Then a slim figure does not make to wait long.

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