Condensed milk calories

condensed milk calories

Condensed milk – a concentrated milk with sugar. This product is white in color, with a characteristic creamy sheen, dense uniform texture and creamy taste. Condensed milk is almost completely absorbed by the body and should not cause any side effects (except for obesity and dental caries with the immoderate consumption of this delicious product). Condensed milk calories are high.

Condensed milk calories

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
condensed milk without sugar 131 kcal 6,6 g 7,5 g 9,4 g
condensed milk with sugar 320 kcal 7,2 g 8,5 g 56 g
boiled condensed milk with sugar 315 kcal 5,8 g 8,5 g 53,9 g

The composition of the condensed milk, useful properties and limitations

Whether condensed milk is useful? Of course, not all the vitamins can withstand thermal treatment. However, micro and macro elements stay in the condensed milk. Even more – thanks to the concentration of the product content of macro- and microelements in the condensed milk is several times higher than milk. For example, calcium in milk – 120 mg, and condensed milk – 307 mg per one hundred grams. What other useful vitamins and minerals are in condensed milk? Basically, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine and fluorine. From vitamins – A, B vitamins, vitamin H (biotin), PP (niacin, nicotinic acid) and choline. Calcium in combination with phosphorus promotes bone and teeth, potassium and sodium (and especially in combination with glucose) help mental activity strengthen cardiovascular system. Condensed milk are advised to use the donors and people of mental labor to restore the body and improve mental performance.Condensed contraindicated for diabetics and people with milk allergies.

Boiled condensed milk

In addition to the normal condensed milk, there still boiled condensed milk. If it is made in the production, the banks roll already cooked condensed milk. If you do it at home, then boiled in the pot. It is better to cook condensed milk at home, then it tastes better. However, you should be careful if condensed milk digest, the bank may burst. Cook condensed milk about four hours.

Boiled condensed milk is used as a sweet spread, spread on biscuits, bread and rolls, as a filling for other confectionery products.

As beneficial properties, if forced to choose between normal and condensed milk, wins, of course, ordinary as boiled condensed milk was subjected to prolonged heat treatment. The composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in condensed milk is almost the same, but the content of useful vitamins and minerals in the condensed milk is still lower than the normal.

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