Cottage cheese calories

Cottage cheese calories

Cottage cheese – it fermented milk type of product, which is obtained by fermenting milk At all times, the curd is still one of the most respected and consumed products

Cottage cheese calories

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
low-fat cottage cheese (0%) 71 kcal 16,5 g 0,0 g 1,3 g
5% fat cottage cheese 121 kcal 17,2 g 5,0 g 1,8 g
cottage cheese 9% fat 159 kcal 16,7 g 9,0 g 2,0 g
18% fat cheese 232 kcal 14,0 g 18,0 g 2,8 g
cottage cheese 230 kcal 18,0 g

The composition of the cottage cheese

Everyone knows the tremendous benefits of dairy products. The protein curd has, lactose, minerals, fat, vitamins and enzymes. Total amount of vitamins is 12%. These include vitamins A, D, C and B vitamins When carbohydrate content is low (about 3%) in the curd is an enormous amount of calcium, iron, and phosphorus. For example, 100 grams of cheese is obtained from 250 grams of milk. It follows that the nutritional value of the product is much higher than that of milk. All this makes the cottage a unique product.

What determines the cottage cheese calories?

As noted earlier, cottage cheese calories due to its fat content.

From calorie cooking technology of the finished product is also affected. Cooking fat and bold cheese involves the use of rennet. The process of making cheese thermal treatment eliminates the need, and based on the use of rennet and calcium chloride. In this way, the fat content and calorie cheese significantly increase. In the preparation of low-fat cottage cheese is used an acidic method, ie, cheese is the result of lactic acid fermentation.

The process of heat treatment can reduce calorie cheese. For this purpose, fresh milk is introduced so-called fermented milk starter. The resulting coagulum is heated to 40 degrees. This helps reduce the fat content of the product and decrease the nutritional value of cheese.

On calorie cheese affects the quality of the raw material from which the product is produced. This includes cow’s milk is not lower than the second grade, whole milk powder premium, skim milk powder, dry cream and unsalted butter. From initial raw fat depends calorie cheese. More nutritious considered peasant cottage. It is prepared from skim milk varieties added thereto cream. The fat content of cheese ranges from 5 to 6%. Soft cheese also has a large calorie. In its preparation are added to the cream. As a result, the fat content of the finished product is about 11%.

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