Cottage cheese diet plan

Cottage cheese diet is designed for those people who want to lose weight, but do not feel hunger. This nutrition system, as well as egg diet relates to methods of protein to combat obesity.

Special contraindications for cottage cheese diet is not. But it is recommended that before you start be sure to consult a doctor. The nutrition scheme is divided into four weeks. And should not deviate from it. Because the menu is chosen so that in the maximum burning of calories.

Cottage cheese diet plan option

Curd diet option is virtually the same diet as the egg diet. The only difference is that instead of eggs need to eat cheese. It is important to choose low-fat varieties of it.

The diet of the first week of cottage cheese diet following:

  • Monday. For breakfast, you need to use a small amount of fruit and 150 g of cottage cheese. Lunch consists of two green apples or a grapefruit. A dinner – 150 grams of boiled beef, salad from vegetables without salt and spices.
  • Tuesday. Breakfast consists of 150 g of cottage cheese and a glass of orange juice. For lunch, you can cook 200 grams of boiled chicken and green tea without sugar. Dinner consists of 150 grams of boiled fish, 150 grams of salad vegetables and 1 grapefruit.
  • Environment. Breakfast cheese diet during the day include 150 g of cottage cheese and some fruit. For lunch you can eat 150 grams of cottage cheese, green tea, one small loaf of bread and fresh tomato. A dinner suit boiled beef and vegetables.
  • Thursday. Breakfast the first day. Lunch consists of a fruit. As dinner allowed to eat 150 grams of boiled chicken and 100g of cauliflower.
  • Friday. Breakfast the first day of cottage cheese diet. For lunch, you can cook 2 eggs, and vegetable salad. And as the evening meal can be consumed 150 grams of boiled fish, 2 tomatoes or cucumber and grapefruit 1.
  • Saturday. Breakfast is similar to the second day. For lunch, it is recommended to eat any fruit, and for dinner – salad and orange


  • Sunday. Repeat breakfast the first day. Lunch should be prepared 150 g of boiled chicken and tomato stew with carrots. As the dinner should be eaten stewed cauliflower or broccoli.

The diet of the second week of the diet of cottage cheese by day differs slightly. So on Monday, a menu similar to the first week. Only for lunch instead of fruit you need to eat 2 cheese and cucumber, and for dinner to cook boiled fish.

On Tuesday, the dinner should add vegetables, and dinner to eat cheese and fruit. Environment menu first and second weeks of the same. On Thursday the need to replace the dinner, as is well-suited 150 g of cottage cheese and two tomatoes. And for dinner should boil the fish.

During the second week of the diet of cottage cheese on Friday for dinner you need to boil 200 grams of shrimp and vegetables, and eat one grapefruit. As the dinner should be consumed two apples and one grapefruit. On Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner should consist of 150 g of boiled chicken, orange and vegetable salad.

The third week is considered to be the easiest, because there is an opportunity to distribute the amount and type of food consumed. For example, on Monday, it is desirable to eat only fruits and Tuesday – steamed or boiled vegetables. On Wednesday, the need to use only fresh fruit or vegetables. On Thursday you can cook fish with vegetables.

On Friday, during the third week of cottage cheese diet allowed to eat boiled meat and vegetables, both fresh and stewed. On Saturday, should eat only fruits such as plums, apples, oranges and grapefruits. On Sunday, also should eat fresh fruits and drink green tea without sugar.

During the fourth week of cheese diet should be repeated the second week of the diet each day. Here the exception is chicken, which must be replaced boiled fish or beef. Leaving from this power system requires smoothly and slowly to prevent the return of the departed kilograms.

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