Diet during pregnancy

Waiting for the birth of the baby for the mother – this is one of the most beautiful feelings. But along with this pregnancy imposes certain obligations, and the main one of which is the birth of a healthy baby.

And it takes quite a bit – eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet advocates a kind of diet during pregnancy. At the same time there will be no starvation and harsh restrictions on processed foods.

A well-chosen products can provide a comfortable state as a baby and the expectant mother. In addition, certain power system during the childbearing can prevent unwanted symptoms and diseases.

Basic principles of nutrition during childbearing

It is important to note that the expectant mother should follow the diet during pregnancy trimester. This is due to physiological changes in the body of the woman, as well as the formation of the baby’s major organs.

For example, in the first trimester begins to develop the brain, spine, heart and circulatory system. Therefore, medical experts recommend to eat more protein food – not less than 1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight per day in women.

In one trimester diet during pregnancy is important to avoid deficiency of folic acid, zinc, copper and selenium. Such substances can reduce the risk of developing congenital abnormalities. And vitamin C and help reduce morning sickness.

elements such as iodine and cobalt maintain excellent health of the future mother, as well as affect the proper formation of the child’s thyroid gland. During this period, it is appropriate to a small number of acute and salty foods. Already at 3-4 month of pregnancy such eating habits disappear.

In the 2nd trimester of the diet during pregnancy should increase the amount of protein and 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight of women. During this period, vitamins and trace elements should also be greater. But they are better absorbed. Note the amount of used products that contain iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

To correct formation and development of bones, skin, mucous membranes and eye tissue of essential vitamins A, D, and calcium and phosphorus. B vitamins, zinc, and chromium can help control weight and prevent the occurrence of diabetes in pregnant women.

In the 2nd trimester of the diet during pregnancy calorie daily diet should not exceed 2000-2200 calories. If the expectant mother is overweight or persuade him to quickly gain should reduce fat intake to 50-60 grams per day.

The 3-trimester medical experts recommend eating more carbohydrates. During this period, the mother and the growing baby is formed, so-called fat depot – namely, clumps of nutrients that are necessary for a full delivery and lactation. Therefore, carbohydrates are so essential. They enrich the body glycogen.

During the diet during pregnancy trimesters to exclude the use of coffee and tea. It is better to replace them with pure mineral water without gas. A sufficient amount of it – is 6-8 glasses a day. Drink better in between meals.

Every day should eat at least 3-4 servings of foods that are rich in calcium and iron. The high calcium content is in the cottage cheese, milk, hard cheese and green leafy vegetables. And iron rich seafood, turkey, spinach, Brussels sprouts, berries and dried fruits and buckwheat.

Diet during pregnancy from edema

The main diet of edema during pregnancy – is a salt-free power system. It is used in cases where the body fluid is derived bad. According to her, from the daily diet should exclude canned food, mayonnaise, ketchup and all the dishes that are purchased in stores or ordered in restaurants.

It should also be removed from the diet of seafood, salted fish, sauerkraut, cheese and various sauces and black bread. Meals need to prepare their own meals. At the same time, do not use different flavors and seasonings that contain salt.

salt-free diet during pregnancy involves the use of plant and dairy foods. We need to eat cereals, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. An exception will only be any hard cheese varieties.

If the use of such meal in the tissue will not occur accumulation of fluid and edema persists itself. A dish best steamed or boiled. Because the fried food is harmful for the body at any time in our lives.

When a salt-free diet during pregnancy is not recommended to consume meats, pastries and pasta. You can cook a variety of vegetables and fish soups on weak broth, boiled lean meat and fish. You should also eat fruits and vegetables, both raw and boiled.

From the vegetables are well suited cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, radish, beans and tomatoes in unlimited quantities. And potatoes, beets, carrots and turnips can be eaten no more than once a day, in small portions.

When a salt-free diet during pregnancy can have an unlimited amount of fruits and berries. It is also allowed to eat low-fat cottage cheese, dairy products, eggs, oil, and drink green tea.

Sample menu one day might look like this: as a breakfast well suited semolina and green tea with lemon and cocoa. At lunch, you can take an orange. Lunch should cook vegetable soup or soup and stew. And you can eat an apple. As the dinner consumed pudding of veal with vegetables and baked potatoes.

When a salt-free diet during pregnancy as a snack is recommended to drink a glass of milk with vegetable biscuits or cookies. And dinner is served zrazy fish that are cooked for a couple of pike perch, baked potatoes and a glass of milk.

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