Diet for breastfeeding

Once the baby is born when fed a diet is very important. This is due to the fact that many products from the usual diet of a woman breastfeeding can cause severe allergic reactions in the newborn.

Therefore, many doctors recommend to build a proper system power. And most often it resembles a healthy and balanced diet. It improves the quality of breast milk, and allows you to properly organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

By following a diet while breastfeeding, a woman can ensure the child’s body with essential vitamins and trace elements. And this, in turn, a major source of good health and proper development of the child.

Special attention should be paid to the power supply system in the first three months of lactation. During this period, the baby strengthens the immune system and the body adapts to the world. To such processes were correct, the young mother needs to know what foods you can eat and which are strictly prohibited.

Diet for breastfeeding in the first three months of baby’s life

First of all, the diet while breastfeeding a newborn involves exclusion from the diet of fried and fatty foods. During this period, the food needed to cook by steaming or boiling process allowed bake in the oven.

It should be removed from the menu, pork and lamb, as these meats contain a high percentage of fat. They can be replaced with chicken, beef or rabbit meat that is roasted or served in the form of steam cutlets and meatballs.

During the diet when breastfeeding a child is forbidden to eat meat with blood, which is less than the heat treatment. If a woman uses these diet dishes, it can infect the baby’s intestinal infection. This disease is dangerous and deadly for him.

It is also forbidden to eat meat broth. All liquid food should be prepared only on the water. But better to give preference vegetarian soups. At the same time for their preparation is necessary to choose the vegetables in season. Because imported in their forms contain a significant amount of pesticides and nitrates.

During the diet for breastfeeding the baby need to choose cereals. Nutritionists recommend the use of buckwheat, rice and corn grits. Before boiling grits required cover with cold water and let it brew for a few hours. Then drain the water and continue to use for cooking.

nursing mother can eat fruit, but not all. Permission is granted to eat apples and pears, peeled. In summer you can eat some apricots and cherries. These fruits will not cause the child’s allergy or indigestion.

A diet while breastfeeding a newborn excludes the use of cow’s milk. Most kids in recent years have increasingly marked intolerance to a protein that is found in milk. For this reason, many pediatricians recommend limiting its use.

But the permitted inclusion in the diet of yogurt, cottage cheese and yogurt with a low percentage of fat. Also, in small quantities it is recommended to eat low-fat varieties of cheese.

A diet during breast provides drinking enough fluids. One day a young mother should drink 1.5-2 liters of water. In order not to provide an additional load on the kidneys, baby, it should be the dining room and non-carbonated.

In addition, the diet should completely eliminate alcohol and all kinds of juices. The exception is the apple juice. You can drink rather weak black and green tea, stewed fruit and water.

Recommendations for food when feeding the baby over the year

Diet for breastfeeding children older than one year becomes less rigid. The diet can include almost all foods. But there are some limitations. For example, it is forbidden to eat beans, cabbage, and carbonated mineral water. They can increase gas formation in the body of the child.

It is also not advisable to eat dark and milk chocolate. You can eat a small piece of white chocolate. It does not contain cocoa, so will not cause allergies in your baby. Allowed to use sweets, but in limited quantities.

During the diet for breastfeeding a child older than one year in the diet are allowed to include all fruits and vegetables. This should be done slowly and carefully. Each new product is to be administered in food no more than once every three days. So it will be easier to control the display of an allergy to a particular new product or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is also important to monitor and to ensure that your menu is not matched with a solid menu of the child. For example, if a baby for dinner ate beets, then the mother should not eat it. This will have a double burden on the child’s body.

During the diet for breastfeeding the kid over the year you can eat whole wheat bread, sprouts, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, oranges, and more. Because vegetables are allowed to cook a variety of dishes, including salads, puddings and soups. Salads can be refilled with sunflower, olive or corn oil. Mayonnaise, ketchup, vinegar, pepper and horseradish are banned.

From the meat may only be lean – a chicken, beef and rabbit. Chicken should be eaten without skin and fat. It needs to be baked in the oven or boiled. Sausages, sausage and a variety of semi-finished products should be excluded from the diet of lactating women.

Many of the young mothers after giving birth looking for the simultaneous feeding and diet for weight loss. Doing this is strictly prohibited. Female body is designed in such a way that during gestation baby fat he stored for possible further feeding the baby.

So trying to lose weight while breastfeeding can significantly harm their health or get iron deficiency anemia. But in the sixth month of life the child’s young mother begins to lose weight on their own. For a month she will be able to lose an average of one kilogram.

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