Diet for duodenal ulcer

Duodenal Ulcer today is quite a rare disease, because most of its preconditions are directly linked with the current pace of life. This excessive addiction to alcohol and nicotine products, and constant stress and nervous shock, and downed schedule, including the schedule of meals.

Unfortunately, such people are able to think suddenly at the last moment, when everything had gone too far. Therefore, only when bringing the situation to an extreme point, begin the search for its painless solutions. Diet for duodenum – one of the most simple and effective way you could come to the stage when the power starts to be administered intravenously. It is able to do at least half the battle, slow down the process of developing the disease by launching the restoration of the mucosa and relieve the patient’s condition.

Assign it should be a medical specialist, taking into account all the nuances of the patient. But if before the visit to the doctor is required to wait a few days and being on the edge, you should consider the information below. It does not replace the advice of the doctor! But it will not hurt yourself even more.

Basic principles of diet for duodenal ulcer

The main task of such a diet for duodenum – reduce the amount of mucosal irritants in their diet. That is not to provoke new exacerbations and allow the patient to return to normal body functioning. For this reason, the following products shall be prohibited:

  • Any acute and smoked dishes, as well as pickles and preserves, pickles.
  • Too hot food: its optimum temperature – 60 ° C.
  • Alcohol and strong coffee.
  • Pork and beef tallow and pork fat, mutton fat.
  • Any fried foods.
  • Mushroom soups and hearty meat.
  • Different sausages.
  • pastry, ice cream, confectionery.
  • Citrus fruits and sour grapes.

Keep in mind that all the food is steamed, or by boiling. Not allowed baking and stewing. In addition, the products need to grind to puree a lot, as much as possible to prepare liquid soups and porridge. All this contributes to reducing the burden on the digestive tract.

Also, be sure to eat every three hours, but not too bulky portions. Just to eliminate hunger. Thus, the day can get about eight meals. Drink up to 2 liters of fluid per day, and the water should be warm.

During an exacerbation of duodenal ulcer diet involves eating only well boiled cereals (all except millet), as well as low-fat pureed soups: vegetable, chicken. Allowed steamed omelettes, boiled soft-boiled eggs. Decoction of herbs and berries, for example, rose hips, raspberries.

With the improvement of permissible gradually to include in your diet steam pounded minced chicken and low-fat cottage cheese and pureed, mashed different: fruit and vegetable. Particularly well proven themselves here the apples and celery.

The daily caloric intake can be up to 3200 kcal, where 450 g – carbohydrates, 100 g – protein and 110 g – fat. Also, the amount of salt per day should not exceed 12 g of.

What food to stick after duodenal ulcer?

In the recovery period, when the acute stage has passed, is also required to comply with certain diet. The duodenum is vulnerable for another 8-12 months, and therefore should be safe, so as not to cause a relapse.

The key rule in the diet after duodenal ulcers do not differ from those that have already been defined above. But there are a number of amendments, mainly concerning the authorized products and food consistency.

  • Allowed no liquid or pulpy food that still need to chew. In spite of everything, large pieces still not allowed.
  • In the menu introduced steam cutlets and meatballs of chicken or lean minced fish. You can eat boiled chicken, beef stroganoff.
  • In the diet should include foods and dairy group with a low percentage of fat. Of course milk is best served warm.
  • You can desserts – puddings, soufflé and jelly and jelly-based natural fruit juice.
  • From the pastry allowed only the dried wheat or whole grain bread.
  • Carbonated beverages are not allowed, but it is necessary to consult a doctor regarding an alkaline mineral water.

Special attention is paid to the experts recommend oat and barley porridge, as the most suitable for the treatment of cereals. Among the fruits and berries noteworthy strawberries, blueberries, apples. Good spinach and kelp. But with the deterioration of the reception of any of the products, even if it is in a “white list”, should be abandoned. Individual reactions of the body from the accounts can not be reset.

Recipes for diet duodenal ulcer

There will be no more than give a few simple recipes to diet ulcer duodenal ulcers, some of which is permitted in any of the periods of the disease, and another part of the suit at the time of recovery.

For example, milk rice soup has worked well for the moments of aggravation, because it has the property to envelop the mucous membrane and quickly saturate without the effect of gravity. For its preparation requires cup whole milk and about 25 grams of rice, Round. First, thoroughly washed and boiled barley to completely soft state. Then the water is drained and replaced with milk. The dish is brought to a boil, cool and serve.

Once duodenal ulcer diet allows you to eat meat products. From chicken, for example, you can create a light but satisfying soufflé. To do this, boil-ounce piece of meat in a meat grinder to grind it three times. Combine with 100 grams of milk and 15 g of wheat flour and one egg, bringing the mass to a uniform consistency. Beat with a mixer, spread over the form and send in a double boiler.

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