Diet for pregnant women

Eating a pregnant woman – a very important factor for the development of the fetus. Previously, it was possible to hear from doctors that the fetus from the body chooses the woman he needed nutrients, in the case of the deficit – takes them out of the body (for example, pregnant women lose calcium from the bones quickly when forming the skeleton of the child). Who revised this view and found that the failure, malnutrition, the female body’s survival mode is activated, and it is not in favor of the fetus. Therefore, it is important to create the right diet menu for pregnant women.

The proper weight gain during pregnancy

How much should be added kilos during pregnancy? The norm is 10-15 kilos over your normal weight. 10% of the weight falls on the first trimester, 20-30% – in the second, 60-70% – in the third. What is this weight? From a child, placenta, uterus (increase), amniotic fluid, breast enlargement, increasing the volume of blood (and the child), adipose tissue fluids. Only about 12 kg.

If pre-pregnancy body mass index was above normal, the increase should be smaller – about 9 kg. If below normal – that is permissible gain of 15 kg.

General principles, issues and diet restrictions for pregnant

The general principles of the diet for pregnant women:

  • and fractional frequent meals five times a day.
  • Ensure no need for calorie, and the quality of the food: everything is just a natural, fresh.
  • Every day in the diet – dairy products.
  • cook hard-boiled eggs are better.
  • On herbal teas should be cautious: rose, for example, is useful, but many other herbs – are contraindicated in pregnancy.
  • Strong broth undesirable: they load the kidneys. Meat is better to eat less frequently, and only boiled, it is desirable to replace the bird and fish.
  • All meals are preferable to cook or bake, rather than fry.
  • Citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, chocolate should be eaten with caution, because they cause the risk of allergies in children.
  • If you suddenly overtaken by a feeling of hunger – is to keep in reserve (to carry), dried fruits, nuts, apples (not buns and biscuits).
  • The coffee is to restrict, if not eliminate, like strong tea. It is better to replace herbal tea (select special for pregnant women).
  • From heartburn helps oat meal for breakfast and split meals.
  • If you are concerned constipation include more fiber to the menu: vegetables and fruits. If diarrhea – bananas, oatmeal, rice, broth from bran, whole-grain bread.
  • Do not indulge in spicy and salty (pickles, sauerkraut), if you want, but do not replace their main diet.
  • In the morning and afternoon prefer proteins and fats, carbohydrates are leaving for the evening.
  • Eat separate solid and liquid food, drink between meals.

Sample menu diet for pregnant women by trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy characterized by the fact that the child has the basic organs and systems. So it makes sense to stick to the protein diet for pregnant women: you need to eat about 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight per day. At this stage it needs extra folic acid, zinc, copper and selenium, iodine, cobalt, vitamins B and C. The diet diet for pregnant women in trimester 1 shall include: dairy products, fish (and cheap and expensive species) and seafood, liver, eggs , greens, beans, and of course – fruit and vegetables: such as apricots and peaches, carrots, spinach.

The second trimester – a sharp increase in appetite, the amount of protein in the protein diet for pregnant women increased to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Vitamins and minerals need more: added an increased need for iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Better buy vitamins (although vitamins from food are digested much better). Sources of folic acid: beans, greens (lettuce, spinach, beef).

Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and A, chrome, zinc vitamins B. This exemplary set of those vitamins that are needed in the second trimester, because at this time the bone structure is formed.

In the diet for pregnant women 2 trimester should be: fish, milk, cheese, turkey, eggs, greens. All this should be consumed daily. However, do not forget that while some foods cause hostility, and others vice versa – like, then maybe it’s in acidity: consult a doctor to find out your acid-alkaline balance in the body, sort the products by acidity, and perhaps the question “why did not I I can eat cheese “becomes clearer. If you do not like the product, do not force yourself, it is easier to find a replacement for him.

The third trimester marks the postponement of fat reserves they need for successful delivery and for the subsequent lactation. Protein diet for pregnant women in the 3 trimester need to replace the carbohydrate. Only important to remember that in order not to grow stout, it has to be “good” carbohydrates: cereals, vegetables and fruit, grain bread. Instead of meat is better to give preference to dairy diet. In recent months, the liver and kidneys can withstand heavy loads, so you need to be careful with the fat, fried and sharp, switch to “light” foods.

Menu diet for pregnant women: 1 term.

Breakfast: salad of carrots, apples and beets with olive oil.

Lunch: oatmeal with honey, almonds and cinnamon, and butter, tea with milk.

Lunch: chicken soup with homemade noodles, egg and greens.

Snack: Sandwich of corn bread with chicken, tomatoes and lettuce.

Dinner natural youghurt with berries.

Menu diet for pregnant women: 2 term.

Breakfast: cottage cheese with cream, peach, kiwi, banana.

Lunch: vegetable casserole.

Lunch: fish baked in foil with vegetables and a salad of cucumber and tomato with herbs.

Lunch: salad, olives, other vegetable salads.

Dinner: cereal with milk.

Menu diet for pregnant women: 3 trimester.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, milk, bread, cheese.

Lunch: fruit salad with yogurt.

Lunch: meat with olives and coleslaw, soup diet. &

Snack: stuffed zucchini.

Dinner: yogurt or yogurt with fruit and berries.

This exemplary menu. It is better to make their own, based on the recommendations given above.

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