Diets for teenage girls

Even in teenage, boys and girls may have problems with excess weight. Usually, such situations occur due to improper nutrition system. In this article we will look at the basic rules of balanced diet plan for teens, as well as diet menu for weight loss for teen girls.

It is known that for proper and harmonious development of adolescents, it is necessary to get enough protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If 12 years is dominated by girls are overweight, you should rebuild the daily diet, including healthy and balanced meal.

Basic rules and tips of a balanced diet plan for teens

Balanced diet plan – is a way to lose weight for girls. To do this, you should exclude bread products of high quality flour, sweet pastries and a variety of confectionery products from daily diet. You also need to give up chips, nuts, ketchup, mayonnaise and other foods that contain food additives and concentrates.

Because of the power to remove a variety of semi-finished products is recommended. For example, the sausage can be replaced with lean meat baked chicken or beef. Carbonated drinks are also harmful to the body. They contribute to the accumulation of fat and toxins, as well as slow down the metabolic processes in the body.

During the diet for teen girls to do the main slope on foods high in protein. For this is well suited legumes, dairy group, as well as lean meats. Particular attention should be paid to vegetables. They improve health, skin and hair.

Useful become seafood and a variety of fish. They contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, which have beneficial effect on the teenage body. Eat them better in baked or boiled. Low-fat cheese or cottage cheese will enrich the body with calcium. A buckwheat and oatmeal will become natural antioxidants, which are painless spend cleaning the body of toxins.

During the diet for teen girls as breakfast, you can use a portion of oatmeal, yogurt or low-fat yogurt and an apple. Well suited casserole cheese and dried fruit, green tea with lemon and banana. Also, as you can prepare breakfast omelette with tomatoes and red bell peppers, a toast and tea with lemon.

At the lunch suit rice porridge, boiled or roasted beef, salad of fresh vegetables and natural fruit juice. You can also cook a baked potato with chicken and green tea with lemon, but no sugar.

Nutritious and low-calorie dishes for lunch when dieting for girls will buckwheat with mushrooms or steamed vegetables with boiled chicken. You can supplement the meal with green tea with lemon or natural fruit and vegetable juice.

Evening meal can be presented broiled fish with green salad dressed with olive oil and green tea with lemon. It is also possible to prepare vegetable salad with ham and consume it with a slice of whole-wheat bread and tomato juice. In addition, as the dinner is well suited portion of nonfat cottage cheese with sour cream, apricots and honey.

Diet for girls 12 years old

Diet for girls 12 years of age should not be restrictive. They are different from the diet of teens 16-17 years old, because it does not include a power supply system fasting days and some products: such as fungi or coffee. Their daily diet should consist of 30% fat, 20% protein and 50% complex carbohydrates.

Diet Teenager nutrition system involves the use of vegetable soups, milk, yogurt, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese, eggs and seafood. Moreover, all meals must be steamed or oven. Do not use fried foods.

During the diet for teenage girls on calorie daily diet should include no more than 2500 kcal. Of these proteins constitute 82 g (42 g – animal proteins), 84 g of fat and 355 g of complex carbohydrates. When a teenage girl is engaged in sports, calorie daily diet should increase by 20%. And obesity calories dietitian sets.

An example of the menu one day diet for girls appears the option:

  • Breakfast: Two toast with cheese, one boiled egg, one tomato, green tea with lemon sugar. At lunch, low fat cottage cheese is suitable or yogurt with green apple.
  • Lunch: 200 g boiled diet spaghetti, salad with lemon juice and olive oil. As a snack should be prepared boiled carrots or cauliflower and have a glass of nonfat yogurt.
  • Dinner: Baked fish with tomato and glass of tomato juice.

The second option menu one day diet for girls 12 years old and consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and dinner. For breakfast you can prepare a fruit puree. And at lunch – scrambled eggs and potato compote of dried fruits.

As the dinner is well suited vegetable soup and cocoa. At lunch it is recommended to eat an apple, pear or banana. For dinner, you can bake the potatoes and cook vegetable salad with sour cream.

The third option menu one day diet for girls includes 4 meals. Breakfast includes scrambled eggs fit with apples and broth hips. For the second breakfast can be cooked potato pancakes with sour cream and drink green tea with lemon.

As the dinner should be consumed a small portion of mashed potatoes, beetroot patties, steamed, a small slice of rye bread and fresh fruit. You can also drink green tea with lemon. And for dinner should be consumed serving of oatmeal with raisins.

You can use this diet like day diet for girls, which consists of 4 meals. Breakfast includes semolina pancakes with apples and raisins, and fruit compote. Lunch – a rye bread with liver pate and fresh fruit. Lunch should be prepared oatmeal soup with prunes, and for dinner – boiled potatoes, meatballs and steamed broth hips.

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