Dried apricots

For the production of dried apricots apricots are dried in special places in the sun for six to eight days. To obtain one kilogram, it is necessary to take three or four kilograms of fresh apricots.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Dried apricots 215 kcal 5,2 g 0,3 g 51,0 g

A good apricots must be clean, large, have high rigidity and elasticity. If apricots is very bright, intense orange color, then most likely, it was treated with special chemicals to enhance the presentation. Natural dried apricot has a pale, slightly gray color. If the product has a rigid consistency and flavor of the wine, then it was broken technology for processing or storage.

The composition of dried apricots and use

Dried apricots valuable because even during the drying it retained a large number of trace elements. The dried apricots are not many vitamins, but contains more minerals than fresh apricots. Potassium it contains 1717 milligrams of calcium – 160 milligrams of phosphorus – 146 milligrams of magnesium – 105 milligrams of sodium – 17 milligrams of iron – 3.2 milligrams. The dried apricots are also a lot of organic acids, vitamin B5, pectins, which are able to effectively remove from the human body radionuclides and heavy metals. The sweetness due to the high content of dried apricots therein glucose, fructose and sucrose, but the shape is not affected. The total amount of sugars in dried apricots may exceed 80 percent.

There are apricots is recommended for the visually impaired, anemia, heart disease, and for general strengthening. Dried apricots strengthens hair and rejuvenates the skin, softens the solid tumors and eliminates the clogging of blood vessels. Contained in dried apricots vegetable fibers clean intestines. Also, the substances contained in dried apricots, increase hemoglobin, thereby strengthening the heart. Since dried apricots contain a lot of magnesium, it is useful for anemia and hypertension. The predominance of salts of sodium and potassium salts makes it a dietary product.

Dried apricots are useful in the treatment of many diseases:

  • In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including lung and intestinal failure, it is recommended to consume 40 to 50 grams a day of dried apricots;
  • When edema of any origin, especially kidney, it is recommended to eat 100 to 120 grams of dried apricots a day for two stages: one hour after breakfast and one hour before dinner;
  • To normalize the thyroid gland – 5-7 pieces of dried apricots a day;
  • Hypertension;
  • For constipation: steamed 50 grams of dried apricots 100 grams of boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Eat soaked dried apricots and drink the remaining liquid;
  • When stunting in children – 10-12 pieces of dried apricots a day;
  • At higher temperatures the body, bring to a boil 200 grams of water, 100 grams of dried apricots, a little cool and give drink to the patient, and then wrap it in a warm blanket and give him sweat.

Dried apricots diet

Although the caloric value of dried apricots, it can help lose weight. It acts as a very tasty laxative tablet.

To slimming recommended fasting days in the dried apricots. In the evening take 150 grams of dried apricots in 1.5 liters of boiling water. One day you must eat all the fruit (they swell, gain volume and nutritional value, but it will not affect caloric) and drink all the liquid in which they are steamed. Before you drink the liquid, it is better to warm up – so it will give a feeling of satiety. In the evening, the last glass of liquid, you must add one teaspoon of honey.

Such fasting days to arrange allowed no more than once a week.

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