Effective diets for quick weight loss

The most rapid and effective diet for weight loss, in which the kilos melt away and do not return, and the body works like a clock – the dream of many women. Alas, impracticable. After all, everyone knows that the safe release of the weight – a rather lengthy process.

This article focuses on two of the most effective diets for quick weight loss at home. One needs to adhere to a particular power system for a month and allows you to lose about 10 kg. If the input parameters suggest the presence of obesity, the figure could be more significant – up to 15 kg.

The other is designed for a week and allows you to lose 2-3 kg with a slight prevalence of fat mass above the norm. When overweight figure will increase up to 7 kg.

Effective diet for quick weight loss of 10 kg

To believe in the existence of effective diets for quick weight loss of 10 kg per week is not necessary. Whatever promised internet, this is possible only in one case: a rigid fasting, followed by the seventh day, you can serve as a requiem. Such actions are inadmissible for the body. Two weeks to lose 10 kg can only obese people, but this comes at the expense of the outgoing liquid. And fat loss it will have virtually no relationship. Therefore, the above schemes are required to adhere to food for a month. And because it is balanced, the body will suffer minimal damage.

Established such a diet, as well as many others on reducing energy intake, as well as withdrawal from the menu sweets, flour, fat and fried. Given the schedule of meals necessary to alternate meals for a month, trying to create maximum diversity. That is, for example, does not have two days in a row vegetable broth. And it is desirable for dinner choose not the same as what was for dinner.

Meals need to do five intervals between them must be equal. After seven o’clock in the evening in addition to yogurt or mineral water without gas anything. But if there is acute hunger, and going to bed is carried out in the morning or later in the nine allowed to eat half a grapefruit. In addition, it must be respected the right drinking regime: half to two liters of clean water per day.

So, for breakfast choose one of these options:

  • In a drink – herbal tea, warm milk with honey and cinnamon, unsweetened and weak coffee, fresh fruit juice (not purchased!) or a glass of homemade stewed fruit without sugar.
  • The main dish – 100 g of steamed oatmeal on the water, adding to their five dates or a handful of raisins. Either dry in the pan a couple of slices of wholemeal bread, boil one egg and add some spinach. You can take 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese, sweetened honey and a pinch of cinnamon, eaten with a glass of yogurt. Do not use yogurt with additives! Ideal Greek yogurt with no preservatives, and “chemistry».

The options for lunch:

  • Any fruit except bananas and grapes, weighing up to 150 g,

or a handful of nuts and dried fruits to 100 g.

At lunch you can prepare the following dishes:

  • low-fat vegetable or fish (meat) soup – on chicken meat without skin, no more than 150 ml. He can eat up to 100 grams of cooked meat from the broth. When cooked soup, among the ingredients should not be potato.
  • Alternatively, you can cook unpolished brown rice, buckwheat and millet cereals and lentils, but on the water without salt. The finished product is allowed to eat up to 150 g to join them a couple of medium-sized tomatoes or 100 g of steamed asparagus or zucchini. Do not combine cereals with meat and fish.
  • The third option – meat dishes. Choose chicken, turkey, lean veal, trout or salmon. Boiled or baked in foil without additional fat and salt, cook for a couple. You can grind the stuffing and make burgers, but not fried. The meat fed any vegetables, except potatoes and beans.

To suit snack:

  • Omelette two egg whites with low-fat milk in a double boiler.
  • 100 g Greek salad.
  • a couple of medium-sized grapefruit or mandarin / oranges.
  • Smoothie from celery and carrots.

For dinner, you can use the same menu as lunch, but excluding cereals group. And it is possible to confine a glass of yogurt with cinnamon or 150 g low-fat cottage cheese.

At the end of the month, you can stick to the same menu, because during this diet desire to consume fatty and fried, fast food and sweets and flour usually disappears. In addition, reduced stomach volume and thus the amount of food eaten in any case will not be so large. But the portion is acceptable to increase the volume to a more hearty. For example, a bowl of soup now can “weigh” 250 ml, and a piece of meat can be take-ounce. But it increases the number of vegetable side dishes.

is allowed to enter into the diet of pasta from durum wheat, savory biscuits, marshmallows, marmalade natural, low-fat cheese.

Effective diet for quick weight loss at home for a short term

One of the fastest and most effective diets for weight loss require to adhere to its rules for a week. During this period, prohibited any exercise or sports activities, as caloric intake is very low and not conducive to high-intensity loads. Side effects subject below diets can act weakness, headache and decreased performance.

  • On Monday, breakfast with 200 ml of yogurt with cinnamon, dinner a couple of boiled eggs and 30 g slice of low-fat cheese, dinner salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • On Tuesday, a day to start again a glass of yogurt, boiled egg for lunch and large unsweetened apple boiled egg for dinner again.
  • In the medium breakfast cup of herbal tea without sugar, low-fat cottage cheese for lunch portion 150 g, you can supplement it with cinnamon and honey. Supper salad of carrots and celery.
  • On Thursday, a glass of kefir breakfast, lunch boiled egg and a handful of prunes, egg dinner again.
  • For Friday yogurt for breakfast, lunch – 100 grams of cabbage and carrots, finely chopped, for dinner – boiled egg.
  • In Saturday for breakfast cup of yogurt, for lunch a couple of unsweetened apple or orange, for dinner – yogurt.
  • From Sunday breakfast with yogurt, 30 g of cheese for dinner with a large apple, a couple of eggs for dinner.

It is important to mention that the present system of power will not work in case of problems the digestive tract, liver and pancreas, anemia and hypertension, and in any case not allowed in diabetes and heart disease.

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  1. Sounds good!! Nice post. I use to take remedy honey & lemon juice with warm water for a weight loss and got good result on my weight. Effective weight loss diet schedule for a week.

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