Effective exercise for leg weight loss

Exercises for slimming legs – the most topical issue, regardless of the season. Even in the winter we want to look attractive in dresses and skirts. However, with the approach of spring and summer, I want to thoroughly prepare the body to look your best. If the waist can be reduced by the hoop, then with legs a bit more complicated.

Usually, the extra kilos are deposited primarily in the legs and thighs, then on his belly and waist. Therefore, the topic of today’s article – fast weight loss exercises for the legs.

If you do isolated exercises is to lose weight rapidly in the legs, you can not. It is important integrated approach and efficiency.

An integrated approach

It is not just the use of exercise to lose weight legs, but other ways to lose weight.

The first is, of course, massage. Self massage can be reduced to 5 centimeters in volume. Besides, once you kill two birds with one stone – lose weight in the legs and get rid of cellulite. It has long been verified that the massage has amazing properties in the fight against “orange peel” on the legs and thighs.

Secondly, it is a diet. How would you not want to lose weight by diet alone, it will fail. Diet is only part of the slimming legs and hips. So do not sit on a rigid diet. It is better to plan your diet properly, calculate how many calories you need to consume per day.

Third, a comprehensive approach in addition to exercises for quick weight loss leg includes wraps. It is not necessary to go to the salon for this expensive procedure. Wraps you may well do in the home. It’s simple and effective.

Exercise Slimming Leg

Now, let’s see what kind of exercise for leg weight loss the most effective.

1 exercise. Stand erect, back straight. Raise your right leg, bending it at the knee. Rising slowly need. Then we pull the waist-level leg forward, straightening the knee. Delayed leg in this position for about 15 seconds. Repeat for each leg at least 8 times.

2 exercise. The most effective exercise for leg weight loss – it attacks. The main, alternate legs and rests her hands on her hips.

3 exercise. We get up on his knees. We sat down on the right foot, the body leans to the left, hands outstretched. Then we sit down and go up to the left. Repeat for each side of the 10 times.

4 exercise. Squats. Nothing will strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, like squats. Squat as long as the legs do not form a 90 degree angle. Squats do 10 times, all you need to perform 3 sets.

5 exercise. Lie on the floor or a special mat exercises. Raise legs straight up. We breed them in hand, not reject them forward or backward. Then we reduce the legs together. Repeat 10 times.

6 exercise. We went on all fours. Raise your right leg back and up. Then slowly lowers, but does not touch the floor. Perform upgrades to 10 times with each leg.

7 exercise. Lie on the floor. Raise one leg straight up, then omit without touching, sex. Repeat 8 times, then change leg.

8 exercise. Lie on your right side. The left leg a little raise, bend at the knee, tightens ahead, then drained the knee up and straighten both legs. Repeat 8 times, then turns over to the other side and repeat the same with the right foot.

This simple-minded effective exercises for leg weight loss strengthen muscles and help you lose weight. Just follow a few simple rules. Do not forget that training should be regular. You should not overload yourself and deal with every day. Muscles will not have time to recover, and the process of losing weight, on the contrary, slow down. Over 3 times a week. This will be enough.

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