Effective exercises to reduce cellulite

Female body can be perfect. And this does not necessarily correspond to the model “ninety-sixty-ninety”: it is enough just to keep yourself in good shape. This also applies to muscles and skin. About the past women often forget, especially if nature has endowed initially their high-speed metabolism. In this case, girls are not overweight, even if after studying or working whole day lying on the couch cuddling with a book or movie, eating pizza. But if the extra inches and not deposited, then no one promised for the lack of cellulite because of sedentary lifestyle.

Nasty “orange peel” can ruin any, even the most slender figure. Just put the fairer sex in a swimsuit and see the dimples and bumps. The issue has to be addressed, and immediate.

How exactly to combat cellulite? What anti-cellulite exercises work best? What to connect to them for a quicker result? And is it possible to get rid of orange peel forever?

How to fight cellulite?

actually, the whatever effective exercises for cellulite alone in this battle to win is not enough. Otherwise “orange” peel, you can see even in women without excess weight having a systematic physical activity into your schedule. This means that the sport is undoubtedly a valuable thing, but not only necessary.

The best anti-cellulite exercises – it’s not so much individual items as some kinds of physical activity. In particular, Hiking, swimming and exercise bikes. They bring order to enrich the sagging and dimpled skin, but not the favorite of many jumping and running. Of course, the last two options is good for overall weight loss because they burn more calories during your performance. But in the fight against cellulite, alas, they are almost powerless.

anti-Cellulite exercises should be supplemented in other ways of eliminating the “orange peel”. First, be sure to make massage contrast shower twice a day for three to five minutes. By the way, this is useful not only to the hips and buttocks, but also the chest area. Not only is the warm water doing too hot when working with the chest: such a step will not appreciate not only it, but also the heart.

second, a couple times a week to make wraps and massages. Recipes for the first and second world wide web will be enough for every taste. And, if you perform the exercises against cellulite on the legs and buttocks, pre-smear the mixture and turning around in plastic, the effect of physical activity will be more pronounced. But, of course, not after the first class.

And another important point in the fight against “orange peel” that you want to keep in memory. Upon reaching the desired result, it is possible to stop the execution of exercises against cellulite, but not quite eliminate them “no”. Should be at least two times a week to include them in their classes. In addition, the movement must always be present: Hiking after work or study, active weekends or holidays. All this will help to forget about the dimples and bumps, as about a bad dream.

Effective exercises for cellulite

First, before executing cellulite exercise is necessary to strengthen the blood circulation in the problem area. In this case, the area of the buttocks and thighs. You can spend five minutes running in place, after which
on should be sweating. Then twist the three minutes to pedal an imaginary Bicycle while lying on his back. And then two minutes to resemble the buttocks back and forth.

Basic anti-cellulite exercise – squats. To include in your complex preferably all their variations, since each technique involves different muscles. But they are very load and heated up the region of the thighs and legs.

Standing upright, positioning your feet shoulder width of the pelvis, feet slightly expand outward from the hip, draw the abdomen under the ribs, hands put forward. Slowly squat as far as the muscles allow. In the extreme point to stay for four counts, and then gently come back. Repeat fifteen times.

  • Now feet together and make fifteen shallow squats, taking buttocks back, and body slightly tilting forward. To linger at the bottom on four hits.
  • Penultimate exercise against cellulite from the category of squats can be more difficult, if, during its execution to rise to the toes. The number of beats to delay should gradually increase from four to eight.
  • Another squat occurs at the wall where you want to snuggle back. Lower back does not SAG. To rise on toes and slowly begin to slide down the wall, as if under the body stood a stool, on which should sit down. To stand in a position with bent at a right angle knees, leaning back against the wall. Count to eight and smoothly to get back up. Repeat ten times.


Exercises for cellulite on legs involve and the area of the buttocks, so that in any case, the impact will be at all problematic parts. But to work better each zone locally, dedicating and feet at least a couple of individual elements.

  • Get on all fours, lean on your elbows and lower your head. Bent knee leg to put the knee on the ankle of the other leg. From this position, slowly lift top leg, forming a single line of hips and back, and stopping in a similar position for four counts. Slowly lower back. Fifteen repetitions on each leg.
  • Another good exercise against cellulite tightens the inner area of the thigh. You need to lie on your side and slightly bend your knees. Socks to pull over, one hand propping up his head, and to put another on the thigh. Slowly raise the upper leg thirty to forty inches and slowly return back without touching the bottom leg. Thirty repetitions on each leg.

by Performing these effective exercises for cellulite daily, combining them with the above recommendations and giving exercise about forty minutes a day, in a month it will be possible to trace first a significant results.

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