Egg Diet

egg diet

Egg Diet advocates a form of protein diets. Today it is becoming more popular because it allows only a month to achieve significant results in losing weight.

diet designed for four weeks, each of which is directed to the use of different diets. This nutrition system refers to a rather strict diet in which the retreat is not recommended from the proposed menu.

The result of the egg diet is a weight loss of 10-15 kg. The entire diet based on calorie product is not, and proceeding to the chemical reactions in the body.

The authors of this weight loss method is advised to adhere to a clear menu of all days, otherwise we will not achieve the right results. It is strictly forbidden to replace their products in other species.

The basic rules of protein nutrition system

You can find a few simple rules, observing that it would be easier for you to move in a review of the egg diet. For example, water can be drunk any, even soda, but only on condition that it will be diet.

It is also allowed to use the coffee and tea, but without sugar. It is desirable not to use various substitutes. And the diet should be carried out strictly, without changing the places of lunch or dinner.

In a review of the egg diet, many women say that weighed every morning. This helped them to control the process of losing weight and emotionally adjusted on subsequent days diet.

In addition, women who comply with such a nutrition system for weight loss, claim that regular exercise are welcome. They contribute to a more intense burn calories and achieve maximum effect.

Reviews egg diet and suggests that while it is very rare to comply feel hunger. At such moments, it is possible to satisfy, eating cucumber, carrots or lettuce. It is important to just stick with the time limits.

It should be noted that this nutrition system is allowed to use for people of different age categories. Exceptions can only create instances of intolerance by the body of certain foods or the occurrence of allergic reactions.

observance of a sufficient water regime can be attributed also to the basic rules of the egg diet. Every day should drink at least 2 liters of water, but are allowed to use and more fluid. During the diet vegetables can boil only the water. Use this broth is strictly prohibited.

The authors of this weight loss systems allow the use of salt, spices, onion and garlic. But from oil and other fats is better to take time off. If not specified the number of products on the day of the menu, you can eat as much as necessary.

Errors in diet should not be allowed because of the egg diet will be reduced to zero. A whole nutrition system will have to start again from the very first day.

Egg diet menu for the first week

Consider the first week of the diet. For ease of understanding, and it is divided into seven days. In the first week of the diet consists of a daily breakfast eating half a grapefruit or orange, as well as 1-2 eggs, hard boiled.

On Monday, the egg diet lunch menu consists of the use of one type of fruit. You can use oranges, apples, pears, apricots, melon and many other fruits. At the dinner to be cooked fried or boiled meat except lamb.

The lunch menu Tuesday of the first week consists of boiled or fried chicken without the skin. A dinner allowed to eat two boiled eggs, a toast, orange or grapefruit and vegetable salad. For its preparation should be used cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers and carrots. Season with lemon juice, you can.

Keeping the egg diet, on Wednesday for lunch should eat any kind of low-fat cheese in unlimited quantities, tomato and toast. A dinner can be prepared fried or boiled meat. Thus it is necessary to exclude lamb.

On Thursday, the diet is also lightweight and easy to prepare. For lunch, you can employ any one kind of fruit, such as apples, oranges, apricots, pears and others. Their number is not limited. A dinner on this day consists of roasted, stewed or boiled meat except lamb. You should also make vegetable salad.

During the Friday lunch menu of egg diet consists of two eggs, cooked boiled and boiled vegetables. For this is well suited squash, zucchini, green beans, carrots and green peas. The important thing is to use one of their kind.

For dinner, you can boil or fry fish of any species. You should also eat one orange or grapefruit to replace him. Remember, all the days allowed to drink tea, coffee and dining or mineral water.

Keeping the egg diet, on Saturday afternoon as allowed to choose any kind of fruit. Well suited melons, watermelons, kiwi, plums and peaches. Also it is possible to add apples, pears, Pamela, pineapples, tangerines, grapefruit and apricots.

It is strictly forbidden to eat grapes, mangoes, figs, bananas and figs. For dinner on Saturday to prepare boiled or fried meat and vegetable salad without the addition of vegetable oil.

During the egg diet on Sunday for lunch permitted to use boiled or roast chicken without skin, boiled vegetables, tomatoes, grapefruit or an orange one. For dinner, you need to use boiled vegetables.

It is important to remember a few little tips to help you achieve maximum results. If the menu specified boiled vegetables, you need to use only one of their kind – namely, zucchini, eggplant, squash, green beans and zucchini.

You can not eat potatoes. A normal bean better to replace the needle, as it is less calories. Instead of cheese you can eat low-fat cottage cheese. By following these simple rules of diet egg does not take long to wait.

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