Exercise cellulite on thighs and buttocks

Perhaps, even excess weight is not always delivers such great problems as cellulite. After all, the first usually appears either because of hormonal instability or because of improper diet. But with the second the situation is much more complicated. Many might notice that “orange peel” is present and when slender legs and hips, but because the methods of dealing with it is not entirely clear. In addition, for some reason, classical methods acting on the body fat, the cellulite damage is not applied. In the end, it encourages the search for special exercises for cellulite on thighs.

But it should be noted that alone will not be sufficient. And therefore attention should be paid not only to physical loads, but also additional points, beating over the bumps and hollows. What is described below.

the Most effective exercises for cellulite on thighs

the Main fighter against “orange peel” in the hips and buttocks – squats all “shapes and sizes”. They are actively accelerates blood circulation in the problem area, and promotes the elimination of cellulite. You can even squat with dumbbells – this will contribute to even and rapid General weight loss, but will also strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

For best results it is recommended to squat and return to starting position slowly and also strain during exercise buttocks. In addition, the knees, the load should be minimal: to push himself up, not because of them, but due to the efforts of the buttocks. In addition, you should not keep in memory the fact that the knees do not bend at a sharp angle, and they may not cross the invisible vertical line from the tips of the toes.

in addition to sit-UPS a good effect on the circulation and exercise of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Stand up straight, legs together, feet are revealed at an angle of sixty degrees. Hand to define your waist, stomach in and “stick” to the spine. The upper part of the body to fix it so that it was constant static. Now on account of “time” bend your right knee, lifting your heel off the floor and taking off weight. The account “and” change of feet. The account “two” to step with the left foot in the same direction, quickly shifting her weight. In the new account “just” to expose to her right. Left knee at this moment is bent, and the weight goes on the right. The account “and” legs in turn, but at the expense of “two” is already a step to the right. To reproduce these actions for two to three minutes in the active pace, feeling the vibration in the hips and buttocks and tension in the muscles of the legs and abdomen. It is important to remember that the score “and” half account “times.”

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, resting on the foot. The ankle of one leg put on the hip of the other. In this position, raise the pelvis up to linger at the extreme end of the ten accounts, straining buttocks, and back. Repeat with the other leg. For every twenty-five repetitions.

Feet spread shoulder width apart, hands close to the castle and pull in front of him. Sit down as if her bottom was a chair. The body is slightly tilted forward. To stay in that position until, until my muscles begin to shake. Repeat this process three times.

Now you need staying with widely spaced legs to sit down to thighs parallel with the floor. Hands resting on the waist or divorced. To stand still for twenty strokes and return to its original position. To perform this exercise against cellulite on thighs fifteen times.

you Can do another quite effective exercise of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks, which will require to lie on your right side with his head in his hand, and his legs slightly bending them at the knees. The left leg lift to the sixty-hail
owls and slowly, as if overcoming resistance, lower it by not bringing up the right foot literally inches. To be raised again and again as smoothly and with the voltage drop. Perform on each leg for thirty repetitions.

Well help you to get rid of “orange peel”, while pulling the back of the thigh, lifts the pelvis. For this you need to lie on your back with legs bent at the knees, and lean on the foot. Hands pull along the torso, palms down. Slowly lift your pelvis and pull one foot from the floor, forming a perfect descending line from the fingertips to the chest. To stay in that position for thirty bumps and fall. Perform the same for the other foot. Repeat twenty times each.

And “finish” cellulite simply by walking on the buttocks without the help of hands and feet. Moreover, to perform this exercise in the sitting position and in lying position. The latter option will require lean legs and buttocks to the wall, back resting on the floor. Slowly climb up the wall, fingering the buttocks and lifting the pelvis and lower back off the floor. Slowly to fall back.

That will help in the fight against cellulite in addition to exercise?

In contrast to excess fat, cellulite is more harmful, because it can appear even on a fairly slim figure. The basic premise in this case – the lack of movement. Sedentary work and study lead to the fact that the rear surface of the thighs and buttocks starts to “please the eye” dimples and bumps, although the weight may remain normal. And therefore to fight with the cunning enemy requires not only exercises against cellulite on thighs. Beat costs on all fronts.

in addition to the above complex will be useful to join the sports section at its discretion. Especially good swimming, dancing, table tennis. In the summer you can often get out of Cycling, and in winter, skating or skiing. Regardless of the season, it is more likely to walk.

in Addition to the different kinds of physical activity to restore the problem area can be contrast showers, body wraps and massages. All of this results in skin tone and increases blood circulation. But, of course, the effect will be visible only in case of observance of the mode.

And, of course, it is desirable to adjust their own menus, lowering share of simple carbohydrates and carcinogens in it. If you want harmful products, their use should be minimized and is defined for the first half of the day.

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