Exercise for legs and buttocks

Elastic tight buttocks is the dream of every girl. But a sedentary lifestyle and office work do not contribute to beautiful feet, so ladies need to take steps to keep the gluteal muscles toned.

For this purpose, suitable Jogging and walking (Hiking) and sports, forcing my legs to work, for example, a Bicycle. A set of exercises for weight loss legs and buttocks based on the elements of classical choreography, such as plie or batmany (squats and swings).

the Buttocks consist of three muscles, but for the smartness of the priests is primarily responsible one of them is the gluteus Maximus. She is responsible for the vertical position of the body and is one of the strongest muscles in the body.

If you look to some fans fitness, you might notice that taut booty they earned on squats still pumped muscles above the knees. This is because rocking out at the gym, they were fond of loads and squatted with weights. To avoid this from happening, we need to focus on stretching and Mahi.

sets of exercises for legs and buttocks are aimed at different targets:

  • exercises to strengthen the buttocks;
  • exercise for weight loss legs and buttocks;
  • exercises to build muscle on the legs;
  • exercises for the legs and buttocks from cellulite to improve skin.

Every workout and loads of these exercises for legs and buttocks effective in its own way.

Exercise for legs and buttocks included in a dance warm-up

These exercises are aimed at the General strengthening of the muscles and slimming, as it takes a lot of calories, quick motion, and load akin to that when running and Cycling.

in addition to these exercises, dance warm-up also includes twisting, bending and stretching. Here we focus on those exercises which serve to heat and suitable as warm-up before class.

Jumping. Starting position – feet together or at a distance of 10 cm from each other, toes apart (better, of course, invert: heels together, socks and as far as possible to deploy in side). Straighten your back, suck in your stomach, turn the shoulders (to hold a posture in the jump). Hands to pull the sides down, slightly rounding. Jumping as high as possible (feet together, toes to pull to the floor), bounce through the knees. You cannot land on fully extended legs, is dangerous for the knee joints. Start with 20-30 jumping on two approaches to increase up to 40.

Jumping from the floor. Starting position: heels together, toes and knees to deploy as far as possible from each other (in the pose of “frog”). Keep your posture. Jump, as in the first exercise, due to the feet as possible. Landing, keep your posture and bounce. Start with 15 jumps via the two approaches, increase to 20-30.

Mahi. Starting position: standing upright, as in jumping. Balancing on one foot, the second (straight and long socks) to do swings: forward, sideward and backward. The housing is not bent, hands on waist. The leg doing the Mahi, on the floor is not lowered. Mahi to run without a swing, in a relaxed pace. This exercise not only for heating, but also to strengthen the muscles. Perform 10-15 swings each way with each foot.

Squats. Starting position: standing, heels together, toes deployed as far away from each other, feet together. Holding a posture, to sit in its original position for jumping from the floor and stand up slowly and trying as much as possible not to tear off heels from a floor. Feet tense on the inside, evenly. Can be trained to squat with his back to the wall, to back and neck all the time touched it. Tested like posture.

Wall. Exercise for endurance. For this exercise you need a wall. Leaning straight back and hands on wall, sit on an invisible chair. Feet, knees, thighs – everything should ideally be bent at 90 degrees. CCA
Benno’s important to keep this angle at the knees. First you need to hold out for 30 seconds, then to minutes. If you need a load – pull one leg toe front.

the Stretch. Necessarily all of the exercises with weights that load the muscles, to finish stretching. Fit lunges forward, backward and to the side (with the knee in the attacks back should be not less than a right angle), bending down and forward with straight legs, bending the torso to the side. To stretch the gluteal muscle, standing on one leg, hold with both hands behind the foot of the other leg, bent at the knee, and pull her up to him and to the side (assumed), at the end you can try to straighten it. To stretch the rectus of the thigh, bend your leg back, stretching his sock, grabbed the instep of the foot. Raising the foot to the buttocks, pull her arms forward, arching his back in the back.

Effective exercises for legs and buttocks from cellulite

Each method works with the legs and buttocks due to the difference of goals has a different approach. If you to build leg muscles and buttocks you need exercises with weights, but for weight loss – aerobic exercise (jumping and quick moves), the program of cellulite includes exercises, similar to those in the weight loss and heating, and a sharp reduction in the gluteal muscles.

Exercise # 1. Starting position: sitting on my ass, legs extended forward, together, wearable over (then myself). Back straight, arms bent at the elbows near the body. Not taking the feet apart, not bending at the waist (keeping your back straight) to quickly move forward on the priest, alternately with the left and right side.

One of the variations of this exercise – same initial position, not moving anywhere, alternately tense the same muscles (large breech), reducing and relaxing them.

Exercise # 2. Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart, slightly bent at the knees. Hands rest on your hips (pelvic bones), to control. Due to the fact that alternately straighten the legs and contract the lateral abdominal muscles and the gluteus, hips alternately rise and fall. It is important to do this without the knees and booty and pressure. Looks like you’re wobbling booty, but on the site.

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