Exercise for slimming arms

Usually, when you think about losing weight, you first notice the problem tummy and hip control. But don’t forget about the beautiful hands. What do the rotator cuff exercises for weight loss? In fact, one simple detail: the chest. If you look at the dancers of flamenco, it is possible to note beautiful posture, Swan neck, and of course, the high taut Breasts. So here it is, for the most part – a result of dance movements for the hands.

If you regularly perform strength exercises for the upper body, arms and chest, you will get: posture, high Breasts and the chance to show off the open top. Also will cease to be a problem with sleeveless dresses: usually, even a skinny, but not involved in sports women’s arm sleeves in a dress tries to pinch the body back to the fold.

Exercise for slimming arms for women: fitness

so what exercises to lose weight hand, interested in the first place? This exercises for flexion-extension and Mahi dumbbell. But truly effective programs (that promise results in as little as 2 weeks) assume the load on the muscles of the arms and back and legs. We give the so-called “program Cameron Diaz”. Program Julie Bobek (fitness trainer) in many ways similar to her. All exercises are done with dumbbells (1 kg).

Exercise # 1 – attacks. Starting position: standing straight, hands down the inside facing you, feet shoulder width apart. Make a cross (forward and to side) lunge on one knee (knees bend at a 90 degree angle, no less). My hands or bend at the elbows on the exhale itself (Cameron), or, forward, bend them, taking the elbows back (Julia).

Exercise No. 2 – “boat”. Lie down on your stomach (on the Mat), hands with dumbbells pull straight forward, inner side down. Raise the legs (straight) above the floor. Raise the arms straight above the floor. Allot ago. Wrist almost meet behind his back, elbows bent upwards. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds. Transfer the arms forward and 10 seconds.

Exercise # 3 – tilt. Become directly, feet on width of shoulders. One hand with a dumbbell raised straight up. The second hand on the belt (Cameron) or down and back (Julia). Then with outstretched hand and lean in the direction of the hand at the bottom. When it is lowered behind the back and raise the upper arm (Cameron), or pull, without bending, the lower hand higher behind (Julia).

Exercise # 4 – UPS. Starting position: wide attack on one knee in front of him (the angle in the knee and foot at 90 degrees), the arm with the dumbbell lowered, the second at the waist. Then stand up fully, while raising the straight arm amplitude vertically upward and then backward in the same motion, return to starting position (Cameron). Either raise your hand parallel to the floor and back (Julia).

Cameron is on it, but Julia offers two more exercises.

Exercise No. 5 – “swallow”. From a standing position, pull the leg back and raise it parallel to the floor. You leans forward in a line with the leg. Hands with dumbbells pull back and up. With elbows looking up, hand – rear side out from the body. Hands bend-unbend at the elbow (so that the dumbbells went to the armpits).

Exercise # 6 – press. Lying on your back and slightly bent feet in knees, hands with dumbbells along the body. Rise like crunches, hands pulling forward. Reach out for hands. Arms outstretched parallel to the floor, rising to 45 degrees, hold this position.

All exercises to do at two approaches, each 12-15 times.

Exercise for slimming arms for women: flamenco, tribal and classical choreography

Back to the flamenco dancers. Many of their movements took on arms a fitness instructor for their programs. Also exercises for hands pays the lion’s share of attention is the direction of the dance as tribal. Strength training is not so much weights, how much tension and relaxation of certain muscles. In addition, the dance give the plastic, which can not be achieved from the equipment.

What exercises to lose weight hand, include the training program for tribal? Strictly speaking, exercises to lose weight arms, in the tribal there. There are exercises to strengthen hands.

statement of the case (initial position). Feet shoulder width apart, slightly bent at the knees. Coccyx chosen for themselves. The belly is tucked up. The back is stretched up, spine and neck straight and stretched upwards. Chin does not drop. Shoulders back (make a circular motion back and down). The blades is reduced, chest up. At hand there are a few basic positions. They coincide with classical choreography and flamenco. Arms slightly bent at the elbow and stretched to the tips of fingers (like you’re hugging a very large tree).

Item # 1: raise your arms parallel to the floor and hug a tree. Reach up with the fingertips, not straightening the arms at the elbows. Without changing anything, spread them apart through the shoulders. Elbows bent back, the palms look inside.

Position # 2: not changing anything, due to the shoulders (the shoulders are lowered, make sure that they are not raised) put your hands up. Put them slightly behind your head due to the shoulder blades. If you do everything right, arms stiff from reduced shoulder blades to the fingertips. Practice raising-hands down.

Exercise 1: to reduce to the limit of the blade (which is reduced in I. p.). The chest itself is pushed upwards. When the hands are parallel to the floor – your elbows are stretched a bit ago. When the hands are at the top, pushed out his chest and further down to the shoulders. Keep the blades, in the process changing the position of the hands.

Exercise 2: wave. Hands parallel to the floor. First make a circle with a spatula clockwise (towards you). Continue a smooth movement of his hand, as if something is pushing. Elbow is up, fingers down. In the extreme point of the movement (the fingers) elbow down to p. I., begin the same motion with the other hand.

Exercise 3: reverse wave. Make a circle with a shoulder from itself, counterclockwise. Elbow is up, fingers down (like their wings). At the extreme point (the fingers) wave goes back.

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