Exercise for weight loss at the gym

many of the ladies Association from a gym, only one pronounced muscle features, decent musculature, lack of femininity and fragility. Under the influence of such thoughts girls refuse from strength training, choosing a weight loss program among a variety of sports fields. In fact, the decision that they take in vain.

Active muscle growth occurs in the presence of a considerable dose of testosterone in the body, which is not peculiar to the weaker sex. In addition, women working in the gym to put on weight often take a special Supplement, adhere to sports nutrition. After a month simple weight training biceps will not grow, and the abs also will not appear.

But for weight loss exercises at the gym very useful. They burn more calories than other types of exercise, and actively engage the muscles. Contributing not just eliminate fat, but also lifting the body overall.

the Ideal formula to combat fat consists of three components, not two, as many believe. A proper diet, aerobic exercise and weight training.

How to make a set of exercises for weight loss at the gym for girls?

the Best way to reach the most effective set of exercises for weight loss at the gym for the girls it is definitely a personal conversation with the coach. This helps to make a truly personal schedule as it will cover several points. And physical preparation, and contraindications to certain loads, and readings of height, weight and fat mass, and other no less important components. In addition, a professional instructor will be able to show the correct technique of an exercise and to protect them from common mistakes that can result in anything up to the injury.

However, if there is no possibility or desire to work with a trainer, you can come to the gym by yourself, before it thoroughly prepared at home. And this very training includes not only the purchase of new sports uniforms. It is important to understand what plan will the classes be held.

first and foremost, you need to warm up. This rule applies to any training, regardless of its specificity and focus. In the case of gym fit exercise bike or treadmill on which you will have to spend about ten to fifteen minutes.

the Next step is the selection of one of the blocks, which will be the subject of today’s lesson. Professional athletes recommend all the exercises to lose weight in the gym to divide the areas into which they are directed. Unit the shoulder girdle and pectoral muscles, press the block and back block legs and buttocks. Each of them will have one particular day to make training as effective as possible. So get three classes a week and four days off, and weekly will be worked through each area once. If you have a good physical training in the rest days you can put aerobic exercise or stretching.

to Complete any activity, you must stretch, which is about five to seven minutes. It includes various “folds”, “twines”, “pumps” and camber. Every item here is executed for thirty to forty minutes. To stretch without springing action, just on each deep exhale sinking even lower. This hitch accelerates the recovery process and increases the release of hormone responsible for burning fat. Therefore, even though
that seems like during stretches nothing useful is happening, this part is also important in the issue of weight loss.

Best exercises at the gym for weight loss

so, for those who did not dare to approach the coach, below are a few effective exercises for weight loss at the gym. The break between them in the first week will be half a minute, and then to decline gradually to fifteen seconds. The number of repetitions from twenty-one approach.

the legs and buttocks.

  • hips good effect simulator for abduction feet to the sides and back. The working foot is placed on the crossbar and secured with a belt. Slowly performed the motion of the leg back, and slowly it comes back. The same turns sideways, and then repeated for the other foot. Unlike conventional Mach simulator to create the effect of countermeasures that hinder the free movement of legs.
  • collapsible Squats with bar on shoulders, the weight of which does not exceed five kilograms. Are in spaced apart parallel legs and feet. Glutes in the squat go back, and the body leans forward slightly.
  • flexion and extension of the knee in the simulator. If you perform the exercise sitting on the buttocks and placing the feet under the rollers, the load will go to the front area of the thigh. If you work lying on his stomach, then everything will get back to the surface.

Area and press back.

  • Twisting of the sloping exerciser with knees bent engages the upper part of the rectus muscle. And reverse crunches with straight legs – lower
  • leg Lifts on the machine. Need to keep the body upright, clutching his arm and leaning back on the pillow. On the exhale, make the leg lifts, simultaneously bending the knees at a right angle.
  • Upper twisting on fitball with crossed arms and a support on the knees bent feet.

the Region of the shoulder girdle and chest.

  • “butterfly”. Mixing and dilution bent at the elbow in, certain on the handle of the simulator. Used reaction force.
  • Pushups from a bench in the sitting position with hands behind back.
  • Bench press barbell wide grip supine on incline bench. The weights should not exceed five pounds.

Adding these exercises to lose weight at the gym aerobic workouts and adjustment of the diet, after two to three weeks can be seen in the mirror the first significant changes. Once the desired result will be achieved, it is recommended to do twice a week to maintain shape.

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