Exercise for weight loss buttocks

The area of the thighs and buttocks is one of the most attractive in the female body, but not always, it really attracts admiring glances. The problem lies not necessarily in the lack of correspondence between the model parameters. When a woman has a beautiful toned body with an inch around it, no one even think to run. Moreover, all these parameters only subjective Convention, is not obliged to please everybody. While given the tone of the body admired, admire and will admire.

And therefore the task of every third women is to control the state of their figures. And help a variety of home exercises for weight loss buttocks and abdomen, thighs, legs and other parts of the body. What they should be, how to run them, and how to enhance their action is discussed below.

Home exercises for weight loss buttocks and abdomen

the First part of the complex of exercises for weight loss buttocks, hips, thighs and belly is exercises. It is performed without any equipment, simple enough in terms of technology and does not require special physical training. Every exercise for weight loss buttocks should be repeated twenty times, gradually increasing the number of sets from one to four. The break between them should not exceed thirty seconds. The work goes at a moderate pace, without sudden movements and jerks.

  • Get on all fours and lean on the palm. On account of “time” to round your back, tilting your head and pull one leg the knee to the stomach. The account “two” to raise the head, curve the spine and release the working leg as high up as possible, pulling the foot. Repeat twenty times for each leg.
  • From the same position on all fours on the exhale to tear the leg off the floor, straightening the knee, and take her to the side, crossing with a support foot. That is, if the working leg is the left, it is diverted to the right. On the inhale return to the starting position and repeat the same for the other foot.
  • exercise for slimming buttocks in position on all fours runs with a slight twisting inside. On “one” foot off the floor, without a break in the knee, and goes sideways, attracted the knee to the chest. It takes a little to squeeze the side. On “two” the leg straightens, the maximum Nativas. On the count of three again is bent, and at the expense of “four” is returned to the starting position. To do the same for the other foot.
  • To the following exercises will have to lie on her stomach, hands beneath her chin and legs dissolve in hand. On the exhale pull them off as much as possible from the floor, pulling feet, and hold for eight beats.
  • Then from the same position as in the previous exercise for weight loss buttocks, you need to make Mahi criss-cross pattern, simulating the work of scissors. On the stomach to play them even harder than on the back.
  • Now you should lie sideways with his head in his hand and the free hand put front of chest. Upper leg bent at the knee and put foot in front of the knee of the lower leg. To make Mahi up straight lower leg as possible. Repeat the same on the other side.

the Final exercise for weight loss buttocks will require a free wall that you can lean back. Sliding down the wall down, sit down like on a chair, forming his knees into a right angle. Clench and stand in a similar position a minute. Repeat this process three times.

the Second part of the set of home exercises for weight loss buttocks, hips, thighs and belly force. Here you’ll need small dumbbells for fitness weighing 2 kg or to replace them you can take a bottle of water. We will also need small bags with sand. Exercises are also performed twenty times, but in the two approaches. This amount would be enough to increase the amount of burned calories but not to cause active growth of muscles. Women should not be afraid of strong muscle mass when working out with weights. But still equipment mass and to lose weight will vary.

  • to Stand upright, feet at width of pelvis, hands hang freely at your sides and holding dumbbells. On the exhalation make a step forward, sinking down into the leg and bending your knee at a right angle. Back leg straight, the knee does not touch the floor, the weight remains on the toes. The front is completely on the foot. To stay in this position for eight accounts, while maintaining a flat spine and holding the weight between your legs. Inhale back and repeat for the other foot.
  • Now from the same standing position to perform a shallow squat, while simultaneously slightly tilting the body and pulling the hands with dumbbells forward. For four counts down and four up. To achieve the maximum effect when doing exercise for weight loss buttocks and abdomen to keep the tension.
  • To next item you need to get up on all fours, leaning on hands, one leg, straightening knee raise to the formation of a straight line with the spine. The ankle-worn sack of sand to generate thrust to the ground. To make climbs feet to stop and return to the line for twenty strokes. To change feet.

How to speed up the process of weight loss in the buttocks area?

in Addition to the above exercises for weight loss buttocks do not forget about the classic, time-tested methods of correction of this region. In the first place is the jumping rope. Half an hour a day like hanging out in two weeks will show the first results.

very useful, and different kinds of exercise bikes, treadmills and similar things. If there is no opportunity or desire to visit the fitness center, you can just daily walking or light Jogging for one hour. Summer will be good and Cycling trips and in winter – skates or skis. It is worth remembering that the problem of the buttocks and thighs, the acute front of people, leading a sedentary lifestyle. And so, you will have to slightly adjust my schedule.

in addition, changes need to touch and meal plan. No matter how effective the exercise for weight loss buttocks, their effect in the issue of fat burning is leveled at abusing sweet, flour, fried, fatty and fast food.

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