Exercise for weight loss for the week

How to lose weight in a week with exercises for some unusual supernova technique? Answer two. First, in any class after the first week will improve. In a sense, weight loss will be two to five pounds. Secondly, any diet or the cycle fitness classes for a long-term effect implies a long course.

in addition, sharply, to lose weight very harmful for body functions and looks, especially for the skin. The Express diet is designed for losing extra pounds through the elimination of fluid and bowel cleansing for a couple of days. Exercise for weight loss in a week – actually just the first step to restore health and shape. More noticeable results can be observed after 2-3 weeks. Generally it is better to lose weight gradually so the body is not a stress. So, what kinds of activities bring tangible results after one to two weeks:

  • yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • breathing exercises;
  • kinesitherapy;
  • Bicycle;
  • Hiking.

the First three, as well as other similar classes aimed at developing skills of control over their own bodies, on the development of flexibility, plasticity, and recovery of the body sparing methods. Certain types of fat is best “melt” it with the cardio, which includes walking, running, swimming, Cycling, skiing and aerobics.

it’s worth to mention subsidiary treatments: anti-cellulite massage, cryomassage, Spa and wraps. These activities help the fact that along with the transition to the diet and exercises that improve muscle tone, stimulate and support the skin and overall body. Stand and medical procedures: cleaning and treatments for problems with the digestive system. Them if necessary, appoint a doctor, as the problem with obesity is always a risk of development of comorbidities.

How to lose weight in 2 weeks exercise

Each session should consist of warm-up: warming part and stretching, the main part, in which alternate aerobic exercise with strength and stretching, which causes the muscles in order after loads. If you want to lose weight, your exercises will consist of items based on jumps and swings, rapid and vigorous movements. It is impossible to do the exercises forcefully could damage the body. After training contrast shower is very desirable and rubbing.

How to lose weight in 2 weeks? Exercises from aerobics and yoga will help you:

Jumping, Mahi and exercises for buttocks and thighs. When you run you need to follow the technique, not to land on straight legs.

Various bending and twisting exercises for sides of waist.

the Exercises on the bar: leg raises right and sideways.

swings and lifts straight body and feet in a prone position, on back, on stomach and on side. Train the abdomen and flanks (waist), back.

the Exercise is the “plank” for the group of muscles in the abdomen and back.

How to lose weight in a week exercise

If you still want to lose weight rapid method for the week, the load will have to decrease. Increasing the number of classes and extension methods: diet, beauty treatments (wraps and massage), walking.

In the complex of the basic exercises for weight loss for the week must include the following elements of the main unit classes:

Exercises for arms, chest and shoulder girdle

Swapping hands and breast: first bent at the elbows and United in the palms of hands push each other. Then, straining the muscles push the Breasts upwards and outwards alternately.



For the back: starting position: standing, arms parallel to floor and elbows bent at 90 degrees. At the point is to reduce and dilute the scapula.

“the Bridge”. We must start from the bridge from the floor.

Pose of yoga “triangle”. Good for stretch marks. Starting position – on hands and knees, Straight arms, palms – on the floor. Stand in a triangle with straight back and legs. Then SAG back down, face forward, becoming a “cat”. Then back to the triangle and getting the hands to the feet. Slowly stand up, hands together with the body stretched up as. Stand with straight back, forming a 90 degree angle with outstretched arms. SAG of the upper dorsal division down. Stand up slowly. Reach out with your hands up.

Exercises for your sides, waist and hips

“boxer” (twisting of body). Boxing attacks with his hands, cutting the air.

Exercises with a Hoop.

“the little Mermaid”. Starting position – sitting on his knees with a straight back. Up (get on knees) and sit side – by feet. Both ways.

Exercises for the stomach:

the Retraction of the abdomen, the exercise “vacuum”. On a full exhale to suck in her stomach and slowly inhale sharply, and muscles of the abdomen.

“birch”. Try 15 times to tear off buttocks from the floor and get kicked at the top of an imaginary point.

Reverse crunches. Starting position: lying on your back, arms along the body palms down, legs bent at the knees. Straining muscles of a stomach, my buttocks and legs from the floor, trying to get knees to the opposite shoulder.

abdominal exercises: starting position: lying on back, raise legs to the head, grabbing hold of any emphasis.

Exercises for buttocks and legs

“Bicycle” and “Scissors”. Also the scissors on the side.

leg swings. Lying on your side with a focus on arm, legs, directed a little forward. To raise and lower the legs (both together).

Training splits – attacks. Falling, put forward one foot before the formation of the knee 90 degrees. The palms together to lift and straighten the head, reach up and hold balance.

“the Pose of the rider”. Looks like you are dancing cowboy dance or sit on an invisible chair, legs apart. In this position you need to squat, spring feet.

the Tension of the buttocks. Sitting on the floor with straight legs apart, alternately straining buttocks.

Jumping rope.

kicks a dog. Standing on all fours, pushing the bent leg to the chest, throw the leg up and back to the foot watched 1) up 2) back.

These most effective exercises “how to lose weight in a week”, hope will help you.

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