Exercise with dumbbells for weight loss

Anyone who wants to lose weight, you’ll know that this issue must be approached comprehensively, i.e. to follow the diet or stick to appropriate diets and also devote time to various sports exercises. Fitness experts believe that for women exercise for weight loss with dumbbells are most appropriate. They are part of the mandatory classic programs effective weight loss.

Regular execution of complex exercises with dumbbells for weight loss will help you to correct shape, pull up the desired muscle groups and to always feel fit. After all, dumbbells are the most versatile and affordable simulator for whole body workout which can be performed not only in the gym but also at home. Exercises with dumbbells for slimming the arms, thighs, buttocks, pull-UPS, chest and waist are the main program of intensive weight loss.

All training must be completed before a few hours after eating, and the exercise should start with warm up the entire body. It can be running in place with high lifting hips, circular Mahi hands and feet for development of the joints and tilts of the torso to the left, right, forward and backward. To warm up enough just for 3-4 minutes, after which you can proceed to the main complex of exercises with dumbbells for weight loss. Today we’ll cover the most effective exercises from this complex to lose weight all problem areas of the female body.

Exercise with dumbbells for weight loss for women

All the exercises in this complex are individually designed for certain muscles of the body and also help in General to improve their tone and elasticity. Consider exercise more.

For the rear, inner side of thighs

  • You need any support. Left hand lean on it, and in the right hand take the dumbbell, lowering it down and pressing to my thigh. Knees and feet connect together. Bend your right leg, while lifting the heel back. The knees also don’t interrupt each other. The toe of the right foot pull on itself, so that the ankle was bent at a right angle. When lower your leg, make sure that the feet touch each other. Perform 20 repetitions for each leg.
  • Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees. In the right hand take the dumbbell and put it on your thighs. The knee of the right leg slowly pull to the side, heel off the floor should not be. The second hand can be put over the head, but the main thing not to tear off the left side of the floor. Perform 20 repetitions for each side.
  • Sit on the floor so that your left leg under you and slightly in front and right on top, with both legs bent at the knees. Leaning on left hand, grab the right dumbbell and place it on the thighs. Raise the right knee up and the leg will begin to unfold ago. The body should remain stationary, sit straight and look ahead. Repeat for the other leg for 20 times.

For buttocks:

  • Lie on your back and bend legs at the knees. Take both hands a dumbbell and lay down on his stomach. Alternately reduce and relax your buttocks, trying to push the pelvis up and pull it from the floor. Perform 15-20 reps of these.

Back and sides:

  • Sit on your heels without lifting your knees off the floor and lean forward. In the hands of dumbbells, they are on the floor and deployed parallel to the legs. Pull the dumbbells on yourself, bending your elbows and pressing them to the body. Do the exercise 10 times, after relax and take a second approach exercise.


  • Lie on your back with one leg lift and hold-the-knee dumbbell, when neo the need to maintain it by hand. The other leg bend at the knee without dumbbells. The leg with the dumbbell slowly pull to your chest as possible. Change position and repeat the exercise 20 times for each leg.


  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a dumbbell with both hands and pull them forward at chest level. Keep your arms parallel to the floor and slowly pull them to yourself by bending your elbows and trying to dissolve them in the parties as widely as possible. Do the exercise for about 15-20 times.

Arms and shoulders

Stand up straight, straighten up, feet on width of shoulders. In hands take dumbbells and lean forward, pressing his elbows to the body. Bend and unbend your elbows, both exerting and straining the muscles of the arms. Repeat about 20 of flexion.

these exercises with dumbbells for weight loss of hands, feet, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, hips and Breasts aimed at removing excess fat in problem areas, with the result that you will be able to get the desired volume and shape in a short time. For the obvious effect do exercise daily, adhering to a proper diet and daily regimen.

How to perform exercises with dumbbells for weight loss?

the Secret to a successful outcome and quick weight loss is very simple. It lies in the fact that all exercises should be performed slowly and smoothly, trying to involve and develop every muscle. If you are unable to devote time daily to exercise, do them at least 3 times a week, and also don’t forget about the daily morning exercises. In the first days of training, let your muscles relax, so exercise with dumbbells for weight loss through the day. To practice choose the right dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg, but after some time, can increase their weight up to 4-5 kg.

while Performing these exercises pay special attention to that area, to correct which it is designed. During the workout the hands hold a dumbbell in each of them to provide the same load. Basically, they are standing up in to 2 sets of 10-12 times each. Workout for back, buttocks and thighs most often performed lying on the floor 2 approach. To remove the sides and belly, use exercises that are based on the slopes of the sides, but the foot is very effective lunges and deep squats with dumbbells.

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