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Many women starting to work on their form, focusing on the press, legs and buttocks. In rare cases, the given load is the chest muscles and arms. But about the back somehow of the fair sex, desired slender figure, forget it. And a very good reason. The folds on the back or just a hint of body fat can considerably spoil the impression, especially if the woman is dressed in a swimsuit or top with open shoulder blades, slightly drawing back. Such an unsightly sight will not be able to offset any Breasts or long legs.

Beauty consists of trifles, and so must every cell of the body to work, to have confidence in all areas. And because in the daily exercise definitely should be given and exercises for back muscles. It does not require a particularly intensive session, when working with the feet or pressure. But seven to ten minutes to spend still have. But what needs to be exercises how to do them, and what you should know about working with the spine – versed below.

Technique exercises for the back for losing weight and strengthen the muscles

Before you rush into battle, you need to remember that the spine is one of the most fragile parts of the human body. And at the same time is one of the most important. Therefore, all activities that entail its inclusion in the work should be carried out with maximum caution. The same applies to different sets of exercises for the back. The purpose for which they are selected does not matter. In any case, they are performed slowly and smoothly, without sudden movements and jerks. During the lesson should monitor their condition to avoid the excessive load. Better to take care of oneself excessively and to delay the deadline for receipt of result, rather than earn serious injury.

Because to lose inches locally impossible, it should immediately be noted that to lose weight exercises fit only partially. When getting rid of excess weight the essential aerobic exercises that burn fat throughout the body. A variety of exercises for the back only tighten the problem and strengthen the spine and muscles. Because they are a good prevention of many diseases. And that is the reason even to lose weight you can use of exercises of medical gymnastics. Their impact on this area is no different from the effects of those exercises for back muscles that are in the article.

Another important clarification is the technique of execution of exercises for the back for the question of problems with the spine. You should consult with a specialist for scoliosis, hernia and other troubles, which can make adjustments in training. And only after clarification of all possible risks, you can begin classes.

Basic set of exercises for the back

The First ten minutes of the workout are the warm-up. Rotational and inclined actions is required to warm up all the muscles, ligaments and joints, reducing the risk of injury. To make a number of bends, squats and jumps, wait until a light perspiration. Once the body is ready to the main unit is allowed to deal directly with the exercises for the back.

The First two elements for beginners are also warming. Need to go back on a gym Mat, pulling his hands above his head upwards, legs together. On the exhale, pulled in different directions, as if wanting to grow up just a little bit. After four hits and to take a breath and relax.

Now to sit on your buttocks, bend your knees and pull them toward your chest. Hands to hug the foot, round the back and put his forehead on his knees, as though closing from the outside world. Ride in this position with buttocks down and back, but always – on the Mat and not on the bare floor. To perform this exercise for the back for a minute.

Next you need to get on all fours, leaning on his knees and elbows. On the inhale maximally bend the spine, throwing his head back. Count to eight, exhale and bend in the opposite direction, lowering his head and pulling the chin to the collarbone. Again count to eight. Repeat the exercise twenty times.

For the following exercises, you will need a sofa that puts the heel. Lie on your belly, hands beneath his chin. Exhaling, off the floor the chest, caving in the spine as much as possible. Exercise complex when hands lay behind his head, and during the execution of the item to try again and shoulder blades together. To freeze eight accounts, to take a breath and relax.

From the couch to crawl away, still lying on his stomach. Arms stretched forward, legs together. On the exhale, to tear the lower and upper body from the floor, forming a “boat”. The tips of the fingers and toes are drawn in different directions, the neck strain shouldn’t. Count to ten, relax, slowly falling back. Twenty repetitions.

Get on your knees, hands clasp the ankles, gently bend your back, trying to bend, tilting the head, lowering it down and pulling the top of the head to the calves. Stopping by eight strokes, and slowly return to the starting position.

Sit on the buttocks, legs brought forward, the spine to straighten, and his hands raised above his head in his hands. Exhaling, stretch arms up, bringing shoulder blades together and feet forward without lifting the popliteal region from the floor. To keep as thirty seconds, then relax. Repeat this process three times.

The Last exercise for your back and spine stretches the muscles, relaxes them, and increases the release of hormone responsible for burning fat. Continuing to sit on the buttocks with her legs shut, on the exhalation lower the body, trying to touch by a breast knees. Hands clasp the ankles. Do not bounce, and slowly sink lower and lower. Thirty seconds to be in the “crease”, slowing down the breath.

If you connect to aerobic training and exercise for the muscles of the back shift of power, the refusal of sweet and starchy foods, fatty and fried, then after a few weeks you will see the first result. In addition, improved posture, and this is the figure adds gracefulness and attractiveness.

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