Exercises for fitness at home

In some cases it is better to do fitness exercises at home? In these classes there are both pluses and minuses. In any case, physical exercise is a second side effective weight loss with long lasting effect. Long workout in Union with proper diet and avoiding harmful habits is able to provide beauty, slim figure and a healthy body for life. Enough hour sessions three times a week and daily walks in the fresh air.

On the one hand, exercises for fitness at home is good because you save time and money from trips to the fitness center. If you can not attend the full class with the instructor, videos with fitness exercises at home – what you need to get in shape. For example, such courses often ask young mothers or business women who have very dense schedule of the day.

What is the weak point of such a video? In the fitness club or gym, a good coach or instructor not only shows the exercises but also monitors their correct implementation, to work those muscles for which the exercise is intended. In addition, the instructor monitors the safety performance of elements, since some kinds of loads, if improperly performed, may harm health. Usually if you exercise, you specify what angle you need to bend your knee or elbow, it means that a wrong bending angle can lead to stretching of tendons or damage to the joint. So without consulting a specialist or non-primary skills to perform these exercises should take only the most simple classes. In addition, a good fitness centre at the beginning of the visit definitely put together an individual program for your specific needs and direct you to the appropriate classes.

Preparing for fitness exercises at home

Before the training to measure its parameters: height, weight, volume and pulse rate. If you are interested in a fitness program of exercises for weight loss at home, (as in the fitness center) complete the diagnosis and plan of course. You will need: notebook for notes, the tape, scales and a stopwatch. It would be nice to have at hand a tonometer, if you have raised or lowered the pressure. In such cases, before to include any serious cardio in a training plan (and a big part of aerobics such as jumping, swings, jump rope, running in place), it is better to consult a cardiologist. During the first two weeks of the month, you should repeat the measurements. The pulse you want to measure at rest before classes and during classes – a minute later after some active exercises like jumping or skipping ropes. If in two weeks the difference between these rates would decrease, it would indicate a General strengthening of the physical condition. Also, if possible – determine your body fat percentage using the analyzer.

Further, starting from your initial data and taking into account the wishes, should draw up a syllabus. Here is better one or more times to visit the fitness center and confer with your coach (as in the case of diet with a dietician and a gastroenterologist). Because the coach objectively assess the problems and potential of your figures and advise you on what muscle groups to work in the first place, and how to effectively get rid of different types of fat (there are several types and each will be more successful different methods). It is not enough just to lose weight, you also need to do it the most safe to the skin, and in the former body fat for body shaping it would be nice to build my muscles. Many women, for example, are afraid of power exercise equipment and protein diet, because they think they will become like bodybuilders. Actually, to build such muscles, have a lot more stress and a special diet.

In addition, for classes it would be good to choose a constant time when none of the household will not distract you. It is important that the next meal was not later than half an hour (or even hour) before class (and after too).

Approximate range of fitness exercises at home for weight loss

Warm-up and warm-up. Approximately 20-30 minutes. Use simple exercises of gymnastics. Either a treadmill or an exercise bike who have them. Exercises included: jumping, bending and twisting of the body, swings his arms and legs, warm-up and stretching in the rack (prosperity). A set of elements depends on the stamina and General condition.

the Main power circuit. Performed strength exercises (pumping muscle) at a slow pace, to the limit. Exercises are selected individually, taking into account the wishes to update the figures. Slimming is a fitness exercise to work your waist, abdomen, legs, upper arms and chest. If you want to make the load more efficient, recommended dumbbells and weights (cuffs).

Stretching. The importance of stretching cannot be underestimated. On it, on average, 20-30 minutes of training at the end. In stretching it is recommended to enable the necessary flexibility (or preparation for them), stretching the muscles of the legs, arms, backbends (bridges and “boat”), the same slopes. If the workout was completed at a fast pace here – do them slowly, stretching out as possible. Will also be useful elements of yoga, exercises of respiratory gymnastics.

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