Exercises for flat stomach

What is a flat stomach and how to make it? Why the midsection begins to clearly appear even in thin women? In this question all depends on several factors: nutrition, lifestyle and anatomy.

to begin to determine what defect the stomach to fight. If it’s protruding stomach – try to involve. If it is not very consequently, in the presence of the problem – the internal fat. This layer of fat cells deposited inside the abdominal cavity. Effective will cardio: running, swimming, walking, Biking, aerobics.

If you have cellulite, and my skin is soft and can delay the wrinkles, the “culprit” is fat. Here to help restricted diet calories. It is important to remember that the difference between your calorie intake per day and your diet should be no more than 500-800 Calories a day (a gradual weight loss is guaranteed even when the difference is 200 Calories). If you too would severely limit the diet, the body will not burn fat, but muscle.

If the main problem is the lower abdomen, hips and upper legs, then, most likely, is responsible for your hormonal system, as it is the place of the normal “reserves” the woman’s body. This kind of fatty tissue weight loss be the hardest thing they should do when all other groups of adipose tissue normalized.

Anatomy of the abdominal muscles and a flat belly

abdominal muscles are divided into four groups: internal (transverse abdominis that supports the internal organs, and internal oblique muscles extending from the pelvis to the sternum). If the inner transverse abdominal muscle is relaxed, it does not support in place internal organs as expected, and they stick out slightly, creating a convex tummy.

on Top of the transverse abdominal muscles is external rectus abdominis. It is the press. The abs form the transverse connective fiber that runs across the muscles. There are still external obliques.

If you want to have a flat stomach, you should go two ways: to put in order the internal organs (gastrointestinal tract) through diet (more healthy food) and train your abdominal muscles, especially leaning not on the external and the internal muscles (the most lateral muscle of the abdomen).

From the point of view of power in the struggle with a protruding stomach will help products that normalize the microflora of the intestine and the acid-alkaline balance of the body. For this purpose, suitable dairy products, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. To avoid is fast food and sauces (like ketchup and mayonnaise), confectionary products.

Exercises for a flat stomach in a week

All exercises should be performed on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours before or after a meal. In fact, for a week to achieve impressive results, all promising a flat stomach in a week exercises focus more on the psychological effect, but after a week of effective exercises for a flat stomach will definitely be a noticeable change for the better. All courses of exercises guarantee the effect in the regular classroom for a couple of weeks or a month.

Classic abdominal exercises include twisting, pulling legs, and holding the torso in a certain position.

Twisting the normal and reverse. Starting position: lying down, feet on width of shoulders, hands head. Fixing the foot (easier option – bending at the knees), lift upper torso with a straight back and hands behind head. Is performed both directly and with the rotation of the body, the elbow goes towards opposite knee (external oblique muscles). Reverse crunches – hands along the body, the feet are raised straight up to angle of 90 degrees (easier option – the knees bend). The second option is legs straight and raised to 90 degrees, rise up, lifting your buttocks off the floor. Reverse crunches more effective.

the Exercises with pull-UPS legs. Starting position: hanging on the horizontal bar (crossbar). The feet are raised up to 90 degrees straight or tightened knees to the chin. The back is smooth. The exercise “Bicycle” – initial position: lying down, legs imitate riding a bike.

Other effective exercises for a flat belly

most of the exercises for the abs aims to work out the straight muscle of the abdomen or of the press. For developing inner transverse abdominal muscles need static exercises aimed at the development of coordination and self-control.

the vacuum Exercise is one of those exercises that originate in yoga and is aimed at the elaboration of internal muscles of the abdomen. The effect of the exercise is expected to take three weeks.

Exercise for a flat stomach vacuum is so called because it includes elements of breathing exercises. Do breathing exercises based on yoga, is best done under the supervision of a coach, who will check the correctness of the exercise. But exercise for a flat stomach “vacuum” does not imply neither the slopes nor the other serious stress on blood flow, e.g. brain, so it can be run independently.

This exercise is considered strengthening, to run it you need at least five times a week. Starting position – prone, standing, and leaning forward.

the Essence of the exercise is that in the exhalation the abdomen is drawn in the maximum itself, and up, so that were clearly visible to the ribs. And then maximally pressed down my stomach performed a series of short breaths while straining internal muscles (you must feel it).

the plank Exercise. Starting position – lying on his stomach face down, legs together, hands at chest level palms down. Pushing hands and straining your body, stand in a straight line. It is important not to “fill up” ass up and do not bend at the waist. Start with 15-20 seconds and increase to a minute or two.

These exercises should be performed in conjunction with exercises for the external muscles of the abdomen.

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